The Onion Reveals Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 2 is nice and all, but The Onion has the scoop on Modern Warfare 3 — the most realistic military experience ever created.

Cleaning humvees and complaining about mobile phone reception? Count me in! The only thing missing in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a feature where once you get killed the game disc implodes and you're never allowed to play again. Well, at least not until the zombie DLC comes out.

Ultra-Realistic Modern Warfare Video Game Offers Engine Repair, Awaiting Orders


    w0w! cant wait for this one ;)
    LOL the onion are classic! i think their funniest vid (also the most awkward) was the pedo one. i showed it to my wife and she thought it was real. she got so angry it was classic!!

    i think some of the comments on their vids on youtube are classic cause people take it seriously. they think its all real. might have to go over there and egg em on about this video ;)

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