The PlayStation Network By The Numbers

Outlined today during a Sony presentation to investors and analysts, the PlayStation Network has 33 million registered accounts, 5.4 million daily user sign-ins and 1.4 million daily visits to the PlayStation Store.

Those 33 million users download a staggering 25 petabytes of data a month. More importantly for Sony, they're also spending three times what they did last year at the PlayStation Store.

Sony's presentation highlights what it called a significant revenue in downloadable games and add-ons. The company also pointed out that its video delivery service now has more than 2417 movies and 15,047 television episodes.

A final point made in the slide presentation by Sony about the PlayStation Network is that a new revenue stream is coming from a subscription model.

Reached for contact this morning, SCEA told Kotaku that in terms of the PlayStation Network and subscriptions "we're looking into a variety of options, but nothing to announce at this time".


    Yes yes, good idea - start charging us for PSN Sony. You know, its the main reason why lots of PS3 owners dont have LIVE accounts (or even X360's) but hey, if you are going to charge us, I might as well activate my LIVE account and play with a decent online service.

    Seriously Sony, what are you thinking? Microsoft handed you a golden goose just before Christmas by banning 1Mil X360 accounts (some of which may convert to the free PS3 PSN service) and you go and want to do this...

    Sounds like the opinion of Activision and other huge corporations is more important to you that what your users think.

    It would be fine for sony to offer products at a price, like they already do. They charge for Qore subscriptions and no one has a problem with that, Qore is crappy anyway. If they decide to offer more premium services at a cost, that's fine. As long as the existing service remains free in the state it's already in, I'll be happy.

      Sony have already confirmed this - there is no change to the existing status of PSN, it remains free.

      The subscription services they are talking about will be something new, above and beyond what PSN offers now.

    I still preffer the online setup of XBL and have been a member of XBL for 6 years. It has changed ALOT over that time to get to where it is now...

    Give Sony some time and they may actually get close to where MS is today with the PSN

    I hope this subscription refers to some sort of $X+Y worth of DLC per month for $X/month, not unlike mobile phone plans.

    PSN is a poor substitute to Live as it is. The entire service feels very singular, where Live really does make you feel like a part of the community.

    The main reason I buy most third party titles on my 360 is this very reason. I'm happy paying for Live, but only because it is a proven service. If PSN started charging for usage I think you'd see the numbers drop very quickly.

    Paying for online= Sony run servers= better service/online play= happy consumers= more money in the pockets of Sony= more playstation for future.
    I dont see a problem.

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