The PlayStation Portable Buyer's Guide

The Playstation Portable got a fun, new little brother this year in the form of the slide-n-go, download-only PSPgo.

The PSPgo launched on Oct. 1, kicking off an impressive glut of download-only games on the Playstation Store. It also marked Sony's promised push for new, triple-A games for the Playstation Portable including MotorStorm, LittleBigPlanet and Assassin's Creed titles.

Take a gander at some of the big games that hit the PSP this year. What titles would you recommend as a gift?


Price: $US6.99 Genre: Tower Defense Subject Matter: The popular iPhone Tower defence game brought to the Playstation Portable. Value: This was one of my favourite downloadable minis when the PSPgo launched. It's a great port of the original. Buy it for fans of tower defence titles. Read the Full Review

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Price: $US29.99 Rating: Teen Genre: Action Subject Matter: A arcade-style shooter loosely based on the live-action G.I. Joe movie. Value: G.I. Joe is a movie tie-in strangely reminiscent of Konami's Contra series. One or two players take control of their favourite Joes from the movie and take on Cobra across multiple levels of run-and-gun action. There are a few unlockables catering to fans of the old cartoon series, but other than that this is strictly a movie-lover's affair. Buy it for: Really, really big fans of the G.I. Joe live-action movie. Read the Full Review

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars

Price: $US39.99 Rating: Mature Genre: Open world action-adventure Subject Matter: Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is a 3D, top-down adventure, putting players in the shoes of Huang Lee, a spoiled son of a Chinese gangster. The typical Grand Theft Auto rise to power through sex, drugs, violence and bad driving flows over the course of the game. Value: There's a lengthy story to be told, with Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars throwing in plenty of side missions and mini-games to keep the player interested. Buy it for: PSP owners looking for a chunky, fun-to-pay adventure. Read the Full Preview

Gran Turismo

Price: $US39.99 Rating: Everyone Genre: Driving Simulation Subject Matter: Gran Turismo offers players over 800 cars to purchase, customise and race on more than 35 tracks in a realistic setting, testing their driving skills with real-world physics. Value: Gran Turismo offers nearly limitless replayability, thanks to the numerous cars, tracks and Driving Challenges stuffed in to the game. Long time Gran Turismo fans may be turned of by the lack of a Career Mode and Leaderboards, but this is a solid pick up and play racer. Buy it for: The car-obsessed portable gamer who prefers a passenger seat in the real-world. Read the Full Review

Half-Minute Hero

Price: $US29.95 Rating: E10+ Genre: Across four mode: Hyper-speed role-playing game / hyper-speed scrolling shoot-em-up / hyper-speed real-time strategy game / hyper-speed top-down dungeon-crawler Subject Matter: A winning send-up to the genres and technology of 16-bit Japanese-made games, there's actually a lengthy adventure here that spans eras and tells the comedic/dramatic tale of heroes who repeatedly face the challenge of saving the world in 30 seconds. Value: High, as the game offers short-session bites of play that combine into a lengthy adventure that has none of the brevity suggested by the game's title. Buy it for: RPG fans, fans of the Super Nintendo era, and fans who are looking for something original and smart on the PSP. Read the Full Review

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival

Price: $US14.99 Rating: Everyone Genre: Platformer Subject Matter: The LocoRocos are up past their bedtime and rolling and bouncing their way through a Halloween carnival-style levels. Value: The stages might be short, but they are hard. A more satisfying (and less stressful) gaming experience was found in some of the mini-games. Buy it for: Gamers looking for a challenge who get music stuck in their heads easily. Read the Full Review

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge

Price: $US39.99 Rating: Teen Genre: Racing Subject Matter: MotorStorm: Arctic Edge is an over-the-top, semi-open world off-road racer. Buy it for: fans of arcade race games who spend a bit of time commuting or can't afford a Playstation 3. Value: With 12 maps, two directions to race them on, multiple courses and vehicle types, MotorStorm Arctic Edge is packed with content. Online play rounds out the experience giving you a chance to test your skills against five other players at a time. Read the Full Review

PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe

Price: $US19.99 Rating: Teen Genre: Tower defense Subject Matter: Classic tower defence mechanics and gameplay mixed with delicious PixelJunk aesthetics. Buy it for: fans of the original Playstation 3 title, tower defence games or developer Q Games. Value: Featuring new maps, enemies and towers, this is worth the cash. Read the Full preview


Price: $US249 Rating: NA Genre: Hardware Subject Matter: Sony's latest portable platform ditches the need for a UMD drive and instead gives you a 16GB harddrive and the ability to download all of the games directly to the system. Value: At $US249, the portable platform is quite pricey, coming in at the cost of several home consoles. Buy it for: anyone interested in being able to load up their portable with movies, TV shows, pictures, music and games without having to carry a single disc around with them. Read the Full Review

PSPgo Traveler Case

Price: $US19.99 Rating: NA Genre: NA Subject Matter: This fauxe leather case protects and beautifies your PSPgo. Value: For just under $US20, this is a heck of a deal. Buy it for: PSPgo owners looking to protect or upgrade the look of their portable. Read the Full Review

Rock Band Unplugged>/strong>

Price: $US19.99 Rating: Teen Genre: Rhythm game Subject Matter: Harmonix' insanely popular Rock Band on the go. Value: For just under $US20 you get a full-fledged World Tour and about 40 tracks. You also get the ability to download new tracks to your PSP. Buy it for: fans of rhythm games, Rock Band and good music. Read the Full Review

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

Price: $US39.99 Rating: Teen Genre: RPG Subject Matter: A remake of the original Persona for the PlayStation. Value: A more faithful translation of the original Japanese Persona has never been seen in North America, making Persona PSP the definitive first entry in a series that's been enjoying increased popularity these past few years. Buy it for: Any Japanese RPG fan. Read the Full Review

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

Price: $US29.99 Rating: Teen Genre: Adventure Subject Matter: You are X-2, a Jedi clone out to help the Rebels take down the Empire and stop your brother X-1 before it's too late. Value: Elite Squadron mixes gameplay, story and clips from the Star Wars films as it tells the story of X-2. The real replay value comes with the game's online multiplayer. Buy it for: Star Wars fans or those looking for a PSP multiplayer experience. Read the Full Review


    I think the buyer's guide should be 'don't waste your money on this.'

    Rock band unplugged>/strong>

    will this be bold? Also, can the PSP 3000 download games like the Go, or can it only use UMDs?

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