The Prince Of Persia Movie Trailer Covers All The Bases

The official trailer for Disney's Prince of Persia movie have hit the interwebs, featuring just the right amount of jumping on things and sand. This one could be a winner, folks!

This looks to be the same Prince of Persia trailer that AJ last week, with the two lines from Ben Kingsley, Jake Gyllenhaal leaping about and Gemma Arterton talking up a sandstorm about the Dagger of Time and its effects. Speaking of effects, they look spectacular, but any kids with a computer can make good special effects these days. The plot is what matters here, and we still have no idea how that's going to play out. Those of you who go to movies just to see men leaping, however, are sure to be pleased.


    could this be a game-based movie thats actually good?! it's quite possible!

    Oh hey, they've used a more pointy/exotic-ish font than the last batch of poster.

    Also this movie looks like it has more action than Michael Bay. Cmon Bruckheimer, make it better than the first Pirates of the Carribean! :D

    The acting is going to crap though! Her voice drove me insane within 30 seconds, cannot imagine a whole 2 hours of it!

    I can assure right now it won't be better than any of the Pirates movies - possibly #3 - but i doubt it.

    Two things stand out that impress me a lot:

    1. They're using the accent from the FIRST game not the yank accent from the 2nd and 3rd.

    2. It looks fun fun fun!!!

    It'd be a heck of a nice change to have a game based movie that didn't suck for once. It sure does have all the right names behind it.

    Wow... a video game movie that looks good .... I'm surprised...

    the only thing i don't like is that they referred to the secret guardian temple as 'the secret guardian temple'

    It... looks okay. In fact, it looks good! Disney might just pull this off. Except for Arterton's voice! Yeesh, I was grinding my teeth within seconds. And her tone doesn't change through the whole thing x_x
    Gyllenhaal looks like a fine Prince though. I guess I'm looking forward to it :)

    Betcha we just saw all the good bits

    If any film can show the world that a video game can translate to a different medium, it's this one. If not, then there's no point trying after this one.

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