The Sounds Of Killzone 2

For all its bombast, bleakness and Brian Cox, I didn't really like Killzone 2. Well, didn't much like the game. The music, now, the music was brilliant, so it's good to hear it's being released for public consumption.

The game's rousing soundtrack was recorded by a session orchestra (at Abbey Road, no less), not some guy with a synthesiser, and if you've ever wanted to make your office feel less like a rat race and more like a military junta, you can grab it on iTunes right now for $US10.

Killzone 2 Soundtrack Released On iTunes [PlayStation]


    omagad i didnt like killzone either because it wasnt tf2 or cod4.

    we should be buddies.

    Indeed the music for Killzone was pretty good. Seems like Sony'sames have quality music. But one thing why are they so insistent on releasing on Itunes if Sony have their own Music label?

    And what have you got againt guy's with synthesizers?

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