The Sports Authority Gets Its Wii On

As we first reported earlier today, The Sports Authority is getting in the Wii-selling business in a big way.

While the national sports retailer won't be officially announcing the Wii push at their stores until Thursday, some of the chain's locations started getting their Wii on last weekend.

The Colorado store pictured here received their equipment on Friday, setting up the training area and merchandise that night for a launch Saturday.

Store manager Mike Gabriela told Kotaku today that they trained a number of their employees to explain how the Wii and Wii Fit work, something they've also to educated customers about other sports equipment from skis to treadmills.

Gabriela says that the weekend drew crowds around the console set-up and that the store, which sells the console and an eclectic mix of games, saw brisk sales for everything from accessories to copies of Cabela's Big Game Hunter.


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