The Week In Games

Hmm. I'd written up a run-down of all this week's new releases. It was superb, perhaps the finest Week In Games post ever. And then I deleted it.

It was an accident!

Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any way I can recover said deleted post. And I don't have time to rewrite the whole damn thing again. So I'll keep this brief.

In short: this week's release are pretty terrible. There's a whole bunch of licensed nonsense, family-friendly music games, and mediocre movie tie-ins, none of which (except possibly if you dig the tracklists for Band Hero or LEGO Rock Band, pictured) would be of much interest to Kotaku readers.

Comfortably the best game this week is Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles for Wii. Pro Evo 2010 on Wii is decent, and so's Tales of Symphonia, also on Wii and delayed from last week. Other than that though, it's slim pickings.

(And if I manage to recover the lost post, I'll replace this one.)


    Not to worry.
    We're all too busy playing Modern Warefare 2 to care.

    Is PlayTV finally coming to Australia this week and is it worth getting?

    PlayTV for the PS3 owners also... that will be the only thing that will likely to get my money...

    Yeah PlayTV is looking good, did anyone else notice that ABC iView is now listed in the PS3 interface. It popped up on my PS3 yesterday morning. Works really nicely.

    You'd have to be either very desperate or very nostalgic to consider Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World a decent game. The original was good, but that sequel, not so much.

      Dwarven Vow #7: Love & Justice will always win!

      Nuff said =)

    All I have to say is... LET THERE BE BLOCK!

    (grin, duck and run)

    David, you've mentioned that Guilty Gear 2: Overture for 360 had been coming in a few prior The Week in Games posts, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere at all since. Do you happen to know whether it actually got released, or am I out of luck?

      I'll put that question to the distributor tomorrow. It kept slipping on the release schedule and I've not seen a copy myself.

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