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Yes! The end of the year might be approaching, but it doesn't mean there aren't still good new games to buy. Why there's at least one this week.

It's name is Muramasa, the rather wonderful action-RPG from the makers of the (slightly more) wonderful (and slightly more RPG) Odin Sphere. Anyone who finds joy in sumptuous 2D art and dazzling side-scrolling swordplay - oh, and who owns a Wii - should pick it up.

PC gamers can finally get their hands on the DirectX-11-enhanced DiRT 2. Which is nice. There's also James Cameron's Avatar, giving you a chance to explore the world of Pandora a few weeks ahead of the film launch. And is the Saboteur a fitting finale for the now-defunct Pandemic Studios? I don't know, I've yet to even see preview code - a scenario that often bodes ill.

What are you picking up this week?

New releases for the w/c November 30:

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks (Wii) What Is It? Action adventure with some light platforming and puzzling, all based of course on the popular kids cartoon. Should You Care? This is solid licensed fare that will keep fans entertained but persuade no one else.

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 (PC) What Is It? Belated PC edition of Codemasters' really rather good racing sequel. Should You Care? Ooh, they delayed it to add DirectX 11 support. It looks spiffy.

Girl's Life: Sleepover Party (DS) What Is It? I believe this is some kind of simulation game of a practice better known as the "slumber party." Should You Care? Just bear in mind that it's G-rated.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game (360, PS3, Wii, DS, PC) What Is It? Third-person shooter where you choose between the human space marines or the blue alien dudes. Should You Care? Looks like a superior movie tie-in and a pretty decent game in its own right.

LEGO Rock Band (DS) What Is It? Unlike Guitar Hero on DS, Rock Band ignores the gimmicky accessory in favour of Frequency/Amplitude style button tapping. It's for the best. Should You Care? It still has Europe's "The Final Countdown", which is enough.

Muramasa: Demon Blade (Wii) What Is It? Achingly lovely side-scrolling slash 'em up peppered with mild RPG elements takes you on a dizzying tour of Japanese mythology. Should You Care? Yes. It's awesome.

Petz: My Baby Nursery (DS) What Is It? Presumably some kind of life simulation where you tie ribbons in the hair of newborn puppies. Should You Care? I think I need to throw up.

The Saboteur (360, PS3, PC) What Is It? Stealth-action set in Nazi-occupied WWII Paris with a curious "return colour to the world" mechanic. Should You Care? Think of it as Splinter Cell: De Bloble Agent.

Saw (360, PS3, PC) What Is It? Survival horror that meshes the movies' torture-based scenarios into a series of stomach-churning yet familiar puzzles. Should You Care? It really is about as good as you'd expect.

Scene It? Bright Lights? Big Screen? (360, PS3, Wii) What Is It? Movie trivia game now in its third edition and no longer a 360 exclusive. Should You Care? Buzz does it better.

Where The Wild Things Are (360, PS3, Wii) What Is It? Quirky action adventure based on the imminent movie of the book. Should You Care? Mediocre at best, steer clear unless your kids love the film.

Your Shape (Wii) What Is It? Hey, it's another fitness game for the Wii. Strangely, it doesn't use the balance board but rather the first camera accessory for the console. Should You Care? It has around eight times the exercises of Wii Fit and EA Sports Active combined. Golly!


    The Saboteur is coming out this week?
    Oh man...
    There aren't going to be any games coming out over Christmas right, because I don't think I can deal with another good game that I want coming out.
    Not enough time to play them all!

    Muramasa looks really interesting. Unfortunately with the current exchange rate and my other two gaming platforms (PS3/PC) being more or less completely region free I just can't justify paying AU prices for games these days.

      It was 65 in jb hifi galeries victoria on thursday. A whole week early!! It’s not as brilliant as viewtiful joe, but still a great 2D action title.

        Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. However money aside my time budget still might not permit it, Dragon Age looks set to keep me occupied into next year, and these absurd sales on Steam are just adding to my backlog of other stuff.

    the little time i had with avatar was fantastic - this will be one i'll be looking at picking up, even if the movie looks a little "meh"

    I bitched, I moaned, I complained. I purchased, I was expecting to be disapointed, and I was. I speak of Dirt 2, I'm just not that into the "americanisation" of the series. The pure rally stages had dwindled, and in depth car tuning flung out the window.
    But I still bought it for PS3, and had fun, but never completed it. So, I was looking at my download limit, and I still needed to chew up a further 20gb by tomorrow. So, I went to steam and in a rush, grabbed the PC version of Dirt 2 again. Anyhoo, the damn thing doesnt preload.... Have to wait for the 2nd to download it.
    Still need to waste 20gb download b4 midnight tonight... arghhhh cant let bandwidth go wasted.......
    Mininova is dead arghhhhhh.....

    Kinda think I wasted some cash there....

    Dave have you played sabotuer, having ploughed through the big hitters already (new mario and assasins and uc2) while i was sick, i am looking out for this one but waiting for reviews

    what do you think of the game?

      As mentioned, I've yet to even see preview code, let alone the final game. Honestly no idea whether it's any good.

      Even though it was rough around the edges, if The Saboteur is anything like Mercs 2, then I'm in...

      Mercs 2 was just a fun romp... and despite the setting being more serious this time around, still looks to provide some nice entertainment!

    Criminally, EB games has discontinued their listing for Muramasa.


      Try JB Hi-Fi. I believe they're well stocked for it.

    I'll have to try and grab Muramasa... I have a feeling it'll be one of those games that just disappears and never restocks.

    Is lego rockband DS basically PSP rockband on DS with the different runways and instruments having to be played at the same time?


    'Girl’s Life: Sleepover Party (DS): Should You Care? Just bear in mind that it’s G-rated.'
    LOL. David you've made my day.

    I have an interest in The Saboteur. Just waiting on the reviews now.

    I thought that Muramasa's PAL release wasn't until 2010. I ended up importing the US release because I didn't want to wait. Enjoyed it quite a bit, it's very pretty.

    imported a JAP version of muramasa a while ago, beautiful game, too bad my japanese is a bit rusty.

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