Then Vs Now: Infinity Ward On Dedicated Servers, Mods In 2007

How time changes men. In 2007, Infinity Ward were gushing over the important things in Call of Duty 4 PC, like dedicated servers, "fat pipes" and the involvement of the mod scene. Wonder what, in the intervening years, has changed?


    I bet he got fired...

    Vince Zampella sure ain't no Grant Collier.

    Pretty much official proof that InfinityWard had their hands forced in this decision.

    Who's looking foward to MW3 next year!?

    Aaaaaaaanyway, i don't see you PC gamers getting your wish this time around. It's clear now that they don't care, i kinda think, well, get over it?

    Half of you's bought the game anyway as they have done with L4D2.

    BUT: Probably going to get a bunch of No's now anyway, but is no one excited about Treyarch's next COD game when its announced soon enough?

    World at War is their best and stands proudly along side of COD4 IMO - it will be exciting to see their next step, even if it is copying IW's path of Modernized warfare. But hey, like they really get a say with being owned by Activision and all...

      I'm open to the idea, and unless something seriously bad happens I'll buy it, but I don't think I'll really care about it if its another WWII game. I'll play through single player on Veteran and get all the achievements, but unless its ridiculously good I'll probably only play multiplayer when my friends ask me to join them.

      I didn't get L4D2 or MW2, I will get MW2 when its like $15, why pay full price for a game thats simply a year old game with features removed? (I only care about the single player anyway)

      I might get L4D2 after a while and there is less chance of anyone blocking any hax, thats more the govs fault than the devs.

      I got COD5 for like $50 a few days after release on steam! good deal and good game!

      I'm quietly hoping treyarch will grant us pc users our little fairy wishes and make the world a happy place :D Then we can pewpewpew during a Vietnam campaign!! (thats my hope anyhoo)

      Jungley goodness!

      yup treyach are gonna give us the Dedicated servers we deserve :P

      plus in comparison of features treyach gave us way more than MW2 has ( collecting intel pointless) no zombie maps(2nd mod to be made after hardcore) Local search for games

      and your statement with the L4D2 boycott the whole point of it was administered to and it

      sure some of the more HC guys still didnt want to buy it and felt it should be free but you may as well try and and get a free copy

      but this video is so ironic haha

        Vietnam war was a rehash of the Korean war.

      "get over it?"

      Oh yeah I'll totally get over being screwed in the ass.


    "So, no one gave a fuck this time round.. most guys on the PC team weren't even here for the hrs they were supposed to work.. We removed the 'phat pipes' and dedicated servers.. we didn't even show the game to any modders prior to release because, well basically because we removed all mod support as its a console port, we saved a bunch of time and money this way..

    We also saved a bunch of time by just reusing the
    PC manual for COD4, and saved even more money by not bothering to remove the ~ key in the control listing..

    We can't wait for MW2 to launch.. we don't give a toss if you enjoy it, hell we don't even care if you open the box.. as long as you buy it and we get to milk our cash cow.. we are happy.. suckers!"

    i see the next MW game bought by casual gamers only. the series is now bargan bin or nothing for me. MW2 was such a lazy effort and a huge disappointment hype or no hype. i expected more than i got, when a first game is that big the second should always be bigger (more development funds naturally)

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