This Is Not Lego G. Gordon Liddy; It's 'Enemy Mechanic'

Here are the 15 characters you can play once Lego Indiana Jones 2 releases on Nov. 17. Many are "Hey-it's-that-guy" recognisable, if not by their names, then at least as minifig Watergate conspirators.

I kid. That guy to the left is "Enemy Mechanic," aka the Von Kaiser/Bald Bull hybrid who duked it out with Indy under the flying wing in Raiders of the Lost Ark. According to Video Games Blogger, the rest of the characters are:

1. Cairo Digger 2. Crystal Skull 3. Enemy Mechanic (pictured) 4. Indiana Jones 5. Lao Che 6. Major Arnold Toht 7. Marion Ravenwood 8. Mola Ram 9. Mutt 10. Native 11. Professor Henry Jones Senior 12. Rene Belloq 13. Short Round 14. Spalko 15. Willie Scott

I'm not sure why the Crystal Skull is listed as a playable character if in fact it's just an "object" in the game. "Native" is self explanatory, and Lao Che was the gangster from the opening sequence in Shanghai from "Temple of Doom."

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 Characters List [Video Games Blogger]



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