This Is What "Toned-Down" Looks Like In Dead To Rights

When I first got a look at Dead to Rights: Retribution, I had to ditch a whole plate of food lest I upchuck in front of the producer at a Namco Bandai event.

If the level of violence I witnessed back then has been "toned down" in this developer diary hosted by Character Art Manager Dan Calvert, I might still abandon all foodstuffs to save my stomach. Sure, it looks like there's less blood — and I can see what they mean when they say the "stylized" art sort of subtracts a layer of disconcerting realism — but people's necks are still getting snapped.

See for yourself:


    That's actually looking pretty cool, fingers crossed the gameplay holds up when the game eventually comes out.

    I'm spewing they've toned it down, some of us actually like the violence. If you have a weak stomach, then you shouldn't be playing dead to rights...

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