This Week In XBLA: O-D Beat Drop

Puzzle and rhythm collide in O-D Beat Drop, the puzzle game that lets you use the beat of your own music to set the pace of the game.

Developed by Cyclone Zero and published by Arc System Works, O-D Beat Drop is your standard block-dropping puzzle game with a rhythmic twist. Players drop their pieces to the beat of music, clearing the board with combos for big points. More than 100 stages of single-player gameplay and four different difficulty levels should keep the solo gamer occupied, while cooperative and versus online play for up to four players should ensure you never play alone.

The niftiest feature of the game, however, is the ability to import your own music. The game will analyse your tunes and let you play along to a beat you might be more comfortable with. Once again it is time for my Infected Mushroom collection to thrive!

O-D Beat Drop will be available on Wednesday for 800 Microsoft points. This week on Arcade: 0D Beat Drop [Major Nelson]


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