Three Categories Of Xbox LIVE Rewards

We've already announced that Microsoft has launched its Xbox LIVE Rewards pilot program. One thing to note — not all pilot programs are created equal.

As website Gaming Target points out, there are three tiers for the pilot program: Gray, Green and Orange with Orange being the highest tier. Compare for yourself.

Here's grey.

And Green.

And finally, Orange.

Microsoft launches tiered Xbox Live Rewards program @ Gaming Target [Gaming Target]


    where's the blue and purple tier?

    I don't get it... I mean I get how it works, I just don't get why. It seems really pointless when half the rewards are based on your "first time" purchases or subscriptions. So you basically get... 200 points a year?

    Basically it is to convince silver people to give them money.
    They don't care about current gold members since we are already willing to give them money.

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