Today, In Brazil, Sony Officially Launched The PlayStation...2

Funny story from our sun-drenched friends at Gizmodo Brazil; today, November 18, 2009, Sony have decided to begin officially selling the PlayStation 2 in Brazil.

It's priced at R$799, which works out to be about $500. So, yes, it's expensive to buy video games in Brazil. Our man Pedro tells us that with a nine-year-old console only just launching, there obviously isn't an official PS3 presence, though he says Sony do sell some older PS3 games. For R$199 ($125).

Ever wanted to know why piracy was rife in South America? Those prices might get you in the right direction.

Sony traz PlayStation e jogos oficialmente para o Brasil. Não comemore [Gizmodo BR]


    Why the ridiculous prices?
    I don't blame anyone pirating over there.


    So thats why they are so good at football and beach volleyball... A 9 year old console- here now for under $100- costs 3 weeks wages.

    WTF. I thought Aussies payed through the nose, South America is being held at gunpoint. I mean how dose a company like Sony justify selling a 9 year old console for $500.

      But they're not selling it at $500, they're selling it at R$799.

    So thats why the love playing ragnarok online... because theres nothing better to do.

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