Two Minutes Of God Of War III Gameplay

If you're one of the lucky people who have already played the God of War III demo, great! Good for you. The rest of us will have to watch this gameplay clip and just wait a little harder.

Pro tip: don't watch this at work. Or in front of small children.


    Ok, just by that video.

    This is going to get hit by the ban stick!
    Just like L4D2

      This makes the old MK games look like child's play... love it :)

      I agree...just waiting for the RC to pop up any minute now

    I've been one of the lucky ones to play the demo, and i'm terribly afraid that there is no way this is getting past the ratings board with the way things stand at the moment. if left 4 dead 2 didnt get through unscathed, GoW3 doesnt stand a chance.

    RC in Australia anyone?!?!?
    Maybe the mythical setting/creatures will save it....

    I look forward to the inevitable "Banned in Australia" post.

    So when is the Classification Board RC due to this?

      or due to RC it even..

    If Left 4 Dead 2 got banned.. how is this gonna make it through?

    protip: don't piss kratos off.

    Hmm I should play through this again. And yeah, totally RC along with AVP3.

    Looks absolutely brutal.
    Gonna be banned for sure, but seeing as all PS3 games are region free doesnt really matter.

    Bring it on!

    One of the big reasons L4D2 didn't get in was the violence in combination with the fact that the normal infected where difficult to distinguish from everyday people, especially when you've got cops who've been infected.

    Sure God of War is alot more violent but it does not resemble our day to day reality in any way. Australia tends to ban games because they either promote drug use or promote violence in a setting that they consider difficult to distinguish from reality. So long as the Australian Police don't start recruiting Centaurs, Chimera and Cyclopses it's got a chance.

    At the end of the day though the Classifications Board is a bizzare and irrational creature, your best bet to get a game through might aswell be ritual blood sacrifice.

      You can rip apart fleeing civilians in GoW3, they even give you red orbs.

    Time to hit up play asia,no way this is coming through

    Well it doesn't matter whether it gets banned, a simple order from Canada or New Zealand should suffice.

    Love the gore.

    I think it'll get through the ratings board.

    For Left 4 Dead 2, they were very worried about the Infected being "humans infected with a rabies-like virus" instead of actual living dead. Thus you are technically slaughtering thousands of living, diseased, weaponless humans.

    They didn't mind the more exaggerated special infected so much.

    Since in God of War the monsters you are brutally murdering are obviously monsters, it's probably not so big of a deal.

    I haven't played or watched much of the God of War franchise. Damn, that Kratos is a meany! I honestly have not been desensitized to this type of violence yet.. bullets don't seem so personal and painful compared to this!

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