Ubisoft: All Our Games Will Do This UPlay Thing

Ubisoft's freebie-dispensing UPlay community will launch alongside Assassin's Creed II, and ultimately will incorporate all games under the Ubisoft banner, the publisher's CEO said on Thursday.

Gamasutra, reporting Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot's remarks at yesterday's BMO Capital Markets conference, said Guillemot is betting that UPlay "will allow us to get a lot closer to our customers".

To recap, UPlay is a network that lives inside an Ubisoft game, instead of on a console's dashboard. Through it people can earn free premiums, check out new media and connect with other gamers, or so Ubisoft hopes. The idea is to keep people playing so they accrue points or chits redeemable for free crap, similar to a rewards/loyalty system you see in hotels and airlines. "The more you play, the more free goods you will be able to have," Guillemot said.

I just want to know if it's pronounced "You-play" or "Oo-play".

Guillemot: UPlay Community Features Will Help Ubisoft 'Get Closer To Our Customers' [Gamasutra]


    I'm guessing it would be pronounced "Yoo-play", from "Yoo-bisoft" which is apparently from "Ubiquitous Software".

      it's actually pronounced oobisoft

    First comment of the friend of mine who linked me this is that more than likely the rewards will be restricted to America/Europe.

    I have no reason to doubt that suspicion.

    So it's kinda like if Xbox's Gamerscore could be redeemed for products?
    Unlocking achievements gives us free downloads?

    Great idea, lets just hope we get it in aus

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