Ubisoft: Prince Of Persia Could Outperform Pirates Of The Caribbean

A lot of hopes are riding on the release of the Prince of Persia movie among gamers. Some of us, hurt countless times by bad ports, are finding it hard to open our hearts up once more to a potentially good movie based on a video game.

But Ubisoft chairman Yves Guillemot has no such reservations.

Speaking to a group of investors and industry executives in New York today at the BMO Capital Markets digital entertainment conference, Guillemot says he has very high hopes for the movie.

Among the highlights for Ubisoft next year, Stephen Totilo reports from the event, should be the Prince of Persia which "will show what a video game property can do in the (movie) industry... What we hear is that it could maybe be stronger than Pirates (of the Caribbean) which did $US2.7 billion dollars worldwide."


    Here's hoping for a good movie.

    it looks promising but even if its not ill forgive jake he has one more brownie point to spend he earned 2 for donnie darko and jarhead and spent one on brokeback mountian so ill forgive a bad movie and if the movies awesome well he earns another brownie point

    (also note for the record there are 2 actors in my opinion who have infinate amount of these points they are Liam Neeson and Robin Williams)

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