Ubisoft Says No Thank You To No More Heroes PS3, 360

The recently announced Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 port of Wii game No More Heroes is now on the hunt for a new North American publisher. Ubisoft says it's passing.

In a statement to G4, the French publisher said that unlike the original Wii game and its sequel No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise shan't carry the Ubisoft logo on these shores. No reason given, apparently, but here's to hoping Grasshopper Manufacture can find a friend for those of use interested in experiencing "Very Sweet Mode" stateside.

Ubisoft Not Publishing No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise (Aka No More Heroes HD) [G4's The Feed]


    Any news on Marvelous? The publisher that matters to our region?

    Hmm.... seems that Ubisoft don't like money. Oh well .

    You used to be cool, Ubisoft. No More Heroes is the only game that makes me spend even a second reconsidering getting rid of my Wii.

    id rather own the original version on its original console unless theres some serious updates. its the only reason i have metroid trilogy instead of the individual titles.

      I love No More Heroes so much that a graphics update is plenty of incentive for me to buy and play it again.

      Hey Suda, re-make Killer7 too please. For Wii, preferably... sweet pointer action.

        killer7? man... that game creeped me the fuck out... reeeaaallllyyy weird...

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