Uncharted 2 Crosses The One Million Sold Mark

Don't be surprised if Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2: Among Thieves grabs the number one spot on today's NPD Group sales chart. In fact, count on it, since PlayStation VP Phil Rosenberg says the game has already sold over million copies.

The Senior Vice President of Business Development at Sony Computer Entertainment says that as of last week, Uncharted 2 is now among the list of PlayStation 3 games to chart a course to a million. Rosenberg also lauded the game's critical successes at today's BMO Capital Markets Digital Entertainment Conference, but we're betting the majority of those in attendance were far more interested in the game selling so darn well.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was released on October 15, giving it plenty of time for NPD to track its sales.


    it sure deserves the sales. im surprised it hasnt sold a lot more than that. any ps3 owner who hasnt bought this game should surrender their ps3 immediately. they dont deserve to keep it ;)

    gentleman, that screenshot shows one of the greatest levels ever crafted in interactive entertainment.

    I agree with brad - I would have thought sales would be higher than 1mil. WTF are PS3 owners playing?

    Also, now that its cracked 1mil doesnt that mean it should be a PLATINUM RANGE game? LOL

      The charts indicate they're all playing Fifa/PES and probably now MW2.

    Guys, i just think Kotaku were late posting the article... riiiight??

    I would have thought 1 Million in the first or first two! Not the month.

    Then again Sim Exchange only predicted 3-4 million altogether, which i thought was weird. They are usually good at their predictions. I just hope it becomes a game that sells alot over time rather than first two months.


    Proves that a "gamer" is a dying species.

      Or the Playstation perhaps? :-)

        Yeah that's what shows Jay.... Check your stats buddy..

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