Uncharted 2 Title Update Brings Free Map, Double Cash, Double Chins

A massive title update for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves drops this Friday, with a new multiplayer map, global and friend list leaderboards, and a double cash weekend. Unfortunately, Drake went a little overboard at Thanksgiving dinner.

Actually Drake and Lazarevic both went a bit heavy on the brown food, so competitive matches over the double cash weekend, which kicks off on Friday, will feature one team in Doughnut Drake skins, and the other as Doughnut Lazarevic. The dynamic duo will be leaving craters all over the new "The Fort" map, inspired by the Fortress level from the original game.

The title update also includes a slew of new leaderboards, allowing players to see what their friends have been up to and how they stack up against the rest of the world.


    This game great multiplayer.

    even with lag when playing overseas players, if you use your head (and cover, of course) you can overcome the pretty-green-bar players.

    That is true Cat, with the dodge & cover system, its a game that you can still enjoy if you unfortunately suffer from a red or yellow bar.

    I know what I'll be playing on Saturday.

    I'd care if the multiplayer wasn't broken. I sometimes just get frozen in a position until someone kills me. I can put up with lag but not stuff like that.

    I just cracked it up downloaded the 118mb update now it wont start at all just the dagger key thing spinning for like 15min now wtf? Anyone else having any problems??

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