Uncharted: Drake's Pinball Adventures

To give the PSP lineup a much-needed AAA first-party franchise injection, it looks like Sony will be releasing a range of pinball games for the handheld based on console franchises. Like PAIN, Hot Shots Golf, and Uncharted.

Yes, Nathan Drake will be swapping mountain passes and machine guns for glass tables and tilts, Sony filing with the ESRB for Pinball Heroes: Uncharted, a title described as:

This is a pinball game designed around the artwork and themes of the video game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Players use flippers to hit the ball around a crashed aeroplane, into silhouetted character targets, and off bumpers shaped like gold coins to score points.

There are three other Pinball Heroes games listed, one each for PAIN, Hot Shots Golf and High Velocity Bowling. Because each game gets their own listing, they're for the PSP and there doesn't sound much to them, these are probably Minis games for the PSPgo.

Unless Sony are thinking of charging $US20-30 for a pinball game based on High Velocity Bowling? No, yeah, these have got to be Minis.

Uncharted, PAIN And More Get Pinball-ized on PSP [GamerBytes]


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