Undead Labs Crafting Console-Based Zombie MMO

Founded by MMO industry veteran Jeff Strain, Undead Studios has only one goal - to create the definitive massively multiplayer zombie game for console gamers.

There's been post-apocalyptic MMO games in the past, but the apocalypse in those games has never been of an undead nature. Undead Labs is looking to fix that with the first MMOz, and the Z stands for zombies.

ArenaNet co-founder Jeff Strain, who's resume includes Blizzard and NCsoft, formed Undead Studios to build a new MMO game from the ground up for consoles. He assembled a crack team of zombie-loving developers in Seattle, Washington, and set about creating a game that quite frankly begs to be created.

"Every time I see a good zombie movie with friends, we spend days debating our strategies for surviving the zombie apocalypse," said Strain. "The police station or the supermarket? Garden rake or staple gun? Bach or the White Stripes? I'm a game developer, so I'd probably be useless for anything other than ghoul bait, but I'm excited to have the opportunity to build an MMOZ that lets us put those strategies to the test and find out for sure."

This is the single best idea for an MMO game that I've heard in the history of the genre, and I've played a lot of MMO titles. To be able to work together with other players to survive a zombie apocalypse, without having to worry about the government simply nuking everything before the credits roll? That's love right there.

Undead Labs plans on being pretty transparent throughout the development process of the game, so you might want to keep an eye on the official website for further apocalyptic developments.


    FINALLY! This sounds awesome, I'm still going crazy with Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, can't wait for this! =)

    Finally someone gets the idea that what would be awesome for a zombie game is full world interaction. I think I can see a parade of MMOz's coming out trying to build on the same basic idea as at the moment there is a zombie theme going around and it doesn't appear to be slowing down.

    Once someone realises, that barracades, any weapon, epic RPG elements, FPS and many basic zombies with a few cool boss ones occasionally will make a good game at least I will be content with the gaming developers...for a while :P

    I liked the scenarios in World War Z, which was based on the more traditional shambling zombies. People were holding out against swarms of millions of zombies all over the world, under the ocean, everywhere.

    FUCK + YES!!!

    I love the idea of this game, however we all know that Michael Atkinson will get it banned in Australia....

    Because he doesn't want us to survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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