US Air Force Buying 2200 PlayStation 3s

Influenced in no way by the release of a newer, slimmer model, the United States Air Force will soon be placing an order with Sony for 2200 PlayStation 3s.

And they're not even going to play games on them!

Instead, the consoles will be headed to the USAF Research Laboratory's information directorate in Rome, New York, where they'll be combined with 336 consoles the lab already own to form a "cluster" of Cell chips. A PS3 Rat King, if you will.

This cluster will then be put to work grinding out better ways to process high-res radar images, video footage, as well as research on "neuromorphic computing", a term that didn't sound that scary until I looked it up. Air Force To Expand PlayStation-Based Supercomputer [IW]


    THats why PS3 has such a poor game to console attach rate... all these reserch companies are buying them.

    Can someone explain to me why they need PS3s? What's wrong with an array of plain old PCs?

      Cheaper then PCs that compute just as fast.

      more bang for thier buck, but i didnt think they could do linux on the slim...

        For 2200 units Sony can make them do whatever they want..

    more speed less price

    Cell chips are designed similarly to that of a super computer construction. They are very good at the same kind of functions. Putting a tonne of them together gives you a ghetto super computer. Nowhere near as good as the real thing, but at about 1/10th the price, its the best bang for buck if you want to do billions of calculations of a particular type.

      Agreed with El Phantasmogoro.

      The kind of calculations that Cell is good at (hardcore vector number crunching, similar to GPUs) are the same kind of calculations super computers excel at.

      Additionally, the Cell chip actually is very energy efficient in terms of the amount of calculations it can do for a specific amount of energy (which is basically a product of the number of transistors used). Maybe the USAF is looking at making current systems more energy efficient?

    my ps3 super combined cluster opens the garage door

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