Vagrant Story Coming To PAL PSN

Released on the Japanese PlayStation Network in August, Square Enix is bringing classic PlayStation RPG Vagrant Story to the PAL PlayStation Network. Can a North American release be far behind?

How good is Vagrant Story? At a time when Square was releasing Final Fantasy VII through Final Fantasy IX, Vagrant Story was the only original PlayStation game to receive a perfect score from Japanese video game magazine Famitsu. That's how good it is.

The game, which actually takes place in the Final Fantasy Ivalice setting used in the tactics titles and Final Fantasy XII, follows the story of Riskbreaker Ashley Riot as he investigates the link between a cult leader and Duke Bardorba of Valendia. It's a solo dungeon crawler that relies on weapons crafting and modification rather than the random shopkeepers scattered across most RPG worlds.

It's an exquisite experience, and according to the latest European Square Enix newsletter, forwarded to us via Kotakuite Emilia, it's coming soon to the PAL PlayStation Network.

Way back at the dawn of time (better known as the year 2000), a certain video games company called SQUARE made a game called VAGRANT STORY, which stormed the charts, became a genre-defining classic and, amongst other things, garnered a perfect score from Famitsu magazine - so pretty much business as usual for character design god Akihiko Yoshida. But the great news is that SQUARE ENIX are bringing it to the PS3 and the PSP on the 12th November!

Note that Square Enix has clarified since the newsletter was released that the date given is incorrect, and the title is coming soon. Hopefully this means we'll be seeing the game released in North America soon as well. It's a PSone Classic I would purchase without hesitation if I didn't have the original sitting on a shelf behind me.


    Comfortably my favourite SE RPG ever.

    Oh. OH. OH MY GOD.

    Will buy this as soon as it came out. Such an underrated game in this part of the world. When I said I like VS people always look at me strange and told me to play Tales of Destiny cause VS was too 'serious' a game :S

    Even though I own this already, I'll probably pick it up again. At least I'll never have to worry about scratching the disc. (used the same reasoning to pick up Suikoden and FFVII)

    So I'm guessing they're just gunna rip it and throw it on the PSN? Lame.

    I just forked out a fair amount of a second hand copy of this (quite happily) not 2 months ago. My PSP has never been in so much pain, what with the incessant playing.

    It does look really pretty on a PSP screen though, not so much on a 42" LCD hi-def LCD.

    Good game, would get it if I didn't just buy a physical copy not too long ago.

    I started playing again recently and loved it all over again, truly one of my favorite games of all time. Couldn't ever get a combo above 27 though.

    When will we have Parasite Eve on PSN?

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