Valve Bans Grey-Market Modern Warfare 2 Keys

Some who bought CD keys for Modern Warfare 2 — no physical media in other words — from import resellers have seen their access to the game vanish, as Activision has apparently asked Valve to ban such keys.

A poster in Valve's official forums complained that a key he bought through no longer lets him open and play the game. A Valve representative, BurtonJ, called such sales "illegitimate" and confirmed the ban. He recommends buying a full version of the game — maybe through Steam? Hint hint.

VE3D, which spotted the thread, points out that calling the key sales "illegitimate" is not entirely true. The keys are typically sold legally in Asia and other territories and while game makers try to ban it, their ability to do so is not absolute. Of course, the interest is clear: The keys being sold cost less than the full game, and both publisher and digital distributor want to protect their bottom lines.

Valve's only advice to grey-market key buyers is ask for a refund and get a "legitimate" copy of the game.

Valve Banning Grey-Import Modern Warfare 2 CD Keys [VE3D]


    Wouldn't australians under australia's fair import laws be able to argue that their keys have to be unbanned and be allowed to use them again?

    Well, if publishers priced their games better; people wouldn't look for the cheap option. Instead they ban people who look to get the best deals.


      It's like blindly fighting piracy without stepping back and wonder why people keep pirating their games.

    "Of course, the interest is clear: The keys being sold cost less than the full game, and both publisher and digital distributor want to protect their bottom lines."

    How do the resellers get the keys without paying activision the price activision want for them?

    BUY IT AGAIN!!!!

    Well how about screw you? pirate that shit if you already bought it once.

    How dare they legally buy a product. Mongrels should be strung up and shot!


    yeah this is BS and while it doesnt effect me this cant be legal anyway since so long as those keys were legitimatly purchased by someone theres no reason to ban them

    Cancelled 4 copies of the Prestige Edition. Not interested the slightest without dedicated server support.

      The Prestige Editition wasn't released on PC. I bet you never had a preorder, and this is why IW don't care about people 'boycotting' the PC version.

    I hate Valve and Activision more and more each day.

      how is Valve to blame for this its not there policy in anyway

      there as much at the mercy of activision for this game as we are they want the profits of having all future DLC sales go through them in some way as well as the profits they get from hosting the game and prevention of rival digi distro sales

      if valve accepted the codes to begin with then they were legit codes and acti are just being a Holes like usual

    Most of you have totally missed the point.. people who bought these keys thought they were doing so legally but they weren't.. they are pirated keys..

    How dare they ban these keys? That's like asking a Movie studio to give you a refund on a pirated copy of a movie you bought from the markets..

      Did you miss the part where every article reporting it says they were volume Asian-region keys? Which are completely legal? Sigh...

        Gotta love people who read only the comments and not the article.

    They aren't pirated keys, they are keys taht were not meant to be sold in particular regions

    as someone said you are importing these keys, its not illegal and its not against the law and if someone with cash takes them to court in Australia they will cop a massive fine from the ACCC

      It may not be illegal to import keys from other regions, but it could be against the EULA? Do you even receive a copy of the EULA that is applicable to the key when you purchase it?

      I've a number of games where the EULA specifies you are only licensed to use the game in the "original country of purchase" (which with these keys could be interpreted to be the countries the keys are coming from) or where it specifically details "not for distribution outside of ....". Not to mention the usual overriding clause that they can terminate your license at any time without cause or notice.

      It's got nothing to do with their actions being legal/illegal - we're not talking a criminal issue here. It's a civil matter as to whether they've acted within the terms of the agreement you've entered into. The thing is, do you even know the terms of that agreement?

      Having said that, I believe the publishers really need to address the root cause of their problem (key market) rather than the approach they're taking.

        EULA can't be unlawful. If it was taken to court in Australia any EULA that references region restriction would be thrown out.

        Just because it's in an EULA doesn't make it law.

    quite ridiculous if you ask me, and might give the OFLC an idea to make every game go through steam so they can ban people who imported RC games, i was thinking of importing off play asia as its about half the price here of retail, but not going to bother if this shit is going to happen

    I don't think Valve handled it the best they could, but telling Activision to piss off would probably end up with the game getting pulled from Steam.

    Gray-market sales are legal and extremely protected in Australia. This isn't going to go down well for Activision. Sony lost their entire EULA for the PS2 by trying to break the grey-market in Australia. I don't think activision stand a chance.

    Some odern Warfare 2 keys are banned , some not.

    Tested yesterday.

    Gamer Blog

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