Valve: Left 4 Dead 2 Pre-orders 4 Times The 1st

Despite the boycotts, despite the un-Valve-like speedy turnaround time, despite complaints that Left 4 Dead 2's cast of Survivors can't possibly live up to the first, pre-orders are four times that of the original, says Valve.

The developer tells CVG that perception about the sequel seems to have changed since the original E3 2009 announcement. "I think people are just excited now," Valve's Chet Faliszek says, citing response to the recently released demo and pre-order numbers.

Oh, indeed, Chet. I may not have coughed up the necessary bills to secure an exclusive American baseball bat or Bill's interdimensional hat, but I'm excited. Where is that UPS man, anyway?

Of course, Left 4 Dead 2 has the benefit of being a known entity, instead of a newly launched intellectual property like the first. We do love our sequels, Valve.

Left 4 Dead 2 pre-orders "four times" that of the original [CVG]


    Holy... Cra... Go Valve it is as simple as that. It is great to see it selling so well... Still ashame for us Aussies.

    Played the demo the other night. It was so boring and I hated it so much because of the censorship that I deleted it within 20 minutes. One minute you're shooting 30 zombies, the next it looks like a dozen cleaner bots came in and glossed the street over. You can almost see the pavement sparkle with a lemon fresh scent.

    Don't buy it you idiots! you're buying a full priced expansion pack! A censored one too boot!

      Err, its not an expansion pack any more than other sequels are. It has heaps of new ideas and features. Expansion packs are a couple new weapons, and a couple new levels. Not 5 campaigns, craploads more weapons, lots more SI and different zombies, a completely upgraded Director etc etc etc.

      I'm so sick of whingers complaining about this crap. "Ohh Valve promised me content. I deserve free crap in life cause I'm a fkn sook." ... In case you haven't noticed, they did give DLC, and they have more coming.

      Oh yeah, and must I also remind you that unlike most other companies, Valve give their DLC for free?

      There are lots of quality 3rd party campaigns out now on Go get some of those and have a big old cup of harden the fuck up would ya!

      There are lots of ways around that... have a look at the L4D2 official forum and looks up the thread saying Australian Version:

    Guys it takes about two seconds to change a couple of text files and turn the gore back on.
    Quit whining.
    for instructions by the way, but they're everywhere. Kotaku should probably run a feature on it =D

      We totally should!

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