Valve Rolls Out Patch For Left 4 Dead 2

The PC version of Left 4 Dead 2 has been patched. Just fire up Steam and it'll fix and update a slew of issues. Got a bug? Maybe it's covered in this, check the jump for more.

Highlights of the fix include:

• Fixed performance problem when rendering lots of decals, notably when fighting tanks with shotguns • Fixed rcon response not working on Linux dedicated servers • Fixed matchmaking problem matching into Advanced and Expert games • Fix bug that would cause other specials to try to pummel a player a Charger disconnects or reconnects • Fixed versus mode results panel being cut off in transition stats screen in non-english • Found games: fixed non-player entries drawing the wrong type of icon in the selected item name label • Game mode selector on main menu now takes keyboard input

There's more via Steam.

Left 4 Dead 2 Patch Update [Steam via VG247]


    it doesnt fix the broken australian one though :(
    the bodies disappear before then even hit the ground, and theres no blood and guts. i dont know whats wrong, its nothing like any of the videos?

    (note: comment filled with sarcasm)

    Seems to of disabled the crack that let us aussies played the uncensored one too.

      There was a crack for that? Nice work.

    No, it hasn't disabled the crack (which wasn't a crack, you just changed a single number in two files). It just rewrote it. You can just open the files again and change it back.

      Confirmed. Just did the same.

      oh... Kind of like getting the console to work on some games. just change a zero to one or something like that.

    Link to the crack?

      You can get crack off the internet nowadays?

      A) Its not a crack that you download.

      B) Lrn to google..

    Someone should sticky the fix somewhere prominent..

    Just look up Left 4 Dead 2 510 gore fix or something

    Hahaha. Just reading this it is quite plain to see that the "patched" version simply includes a couple of files that have "No_Blood_or_Gore=1"

    Wasn't it very similar to what Crysis did to prevent Very High graphics on Direct X 9?

    anyone else getting a problem with l4d2 crashing to desktop on a core i7 860? driving me nuts.

      I get that alot, by the way I'm still running uncensored glory (preordered with a US ip).

      By the way the other day I ran into a witch that wouldn't die, we played with it for a bit but then it killed two people and I barely made it to the saferoom alone.

    There's a fix? Looks like I haven't been looking hard enough.

    That's all well and good, but could they see their way clear to patching the Crash Course DLC achievements on the 360 at all? Still glitched this long after release.

    Just for those here who still dont know how to unlock it go to \steamapps\common\left4dead2\left4dead2\ and go into steam.inf and change 590 to 510. Then run the exe inside the first left4dead2 folder (if your on vista/win7 run as admin)

      Thats not how we've been doing it..

      change 590 to 510 in \steamapps\common\left4dead2\steam_appid.txt... make read only and run from exe in same folder..

      You have to host as you cant connect to dedicated servers and you dont get achievements..

        Whats the point... efund it and rder it from the US steam... no altering required and worked the dream

        There is no steam_appid.txt in the left2dead2 folder, it's only the executable and the icon. And there's only the steam.txt folder in the next folder down.

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