Valve's Multiplayer Calculus: (360 = PC) > PS3

More provocative tidbits continue to trickle out of Valve, with the Left 4 Dead 2 project lead saying that game won't be coming to PS3 because the console's multiplayer community isn't on par with PC and the Xbox 360.

"Right now don't not buy it on the 360 because you think it's coming out on the PS3 - it's not going to," Chet Faliszek said. "Right? It's coming out on the PC and 360. It's going to be exclusive for that."

Faliszek also said that Left 4 Dead 2 is "all about playing with your friends," and that "in hooking up with your friends and the community aspects, I think the Xbox 360 is head and shoulders above the PS3. The 360 and PC are on par, right?"

Let's see, dissed PS3, and equated a console with PC, thus starting a good-old three-way let's-you-and-him-fight. Check, check and check. All in a day's work, Chet!

Valve: 360 Community "Head and Shoulders Above PS3" [CVG]


    This guy is the world's biggest douche. He even has a douchy name - Chet.

    While i agree that the 360's community is 'bigger' than the PS3's, i wouldn't say it was better (i'd rather play with 10 mature adults than 100 'HA HA FAG' 13 year olds)

    Also, the PC community is leaps and bounds ahead of any console community, any look at the mods being produced for games like TF2 and L4D1 should make this obvious, as well as many competitive leagues for both games

    Everytime this guy opens his mouth, something stupid comes out

      Regardless of the advancements one platform has on the other. The fact that I played Uncharted 2 coop seamlessly disproves his remarks.

    Pish what an idiot.

    The whole thing with left 4 dead is that it has only 4 players at one time (and more to the point AI can take over from players if they are not available) so while the player base might be bigger on the X-Crate i think from my friends list of like 50 on the PSN I can scrape together 3 other players...

    meh, if gabe/valve want to be outlandish then so be it, but its not like this is helping 'gaming' as a whole, if they brought out hl3 for 360/pc only then im sure the outcry would be far more significant [p.s not giving you ideas valve]

    That Chet guy is chat.

    Maybe if they actually release the game on PS3 there'd be more games to play? Seriously, its a stupid cycle. No games -> less people. Less people -> less games etc

    I also dislike his name

    You guys could just get a 360 or a PC, the PC version is always better. Developing a PS3 version makes development time longer for everyone.

    A PC will ALWAYS be better than a console, no matter what, end of story.

    And how does the Quality of the online community effect numbers of players. I could always find a co-op game for Resistance 2 with 6+ players. Then there are the games with 60 players. I think it's possible for a popular game such as L4D2 to find an amazing total of 3 other players per game.

      "A PC will ALWAYS be better than a console, no matter what, end of story."

      Yes, my wife and I just love all the keyboards and mice on our lounge suite.

    there a company, they make games to make profits. To not make a game for ps3 simply because the community for multiplayer is not on par with xbox 360 is rubbish. its a non statement and not the issue. valve have a bigger technical or business reason for not producing a ps3 version.

    That was a joke, right?

    I'll be buying this on PC and I'm quite alright with Valve not releasing L4D2 on PS3, but for them to come out and say that just makes them look ridiculous.

    I own an Xbox 360 but it has rarely been used ever since my free Xbox LIVE trial expired, there is no way I would pay to play online.

    if you understood the industry you would agree with him

    I couldnt even get a single online game of left 4 dead one to work correctly on 360, with a very fast connection, so maybe instead of badmouthing the ps3 and touting how good the 360/pc online community is, they should make sure there games are playable

      They did.. on a pc.

      Valve is first and foremost, and will always be, pc developers. They make ports to 360 because it's more compatible, and they don't care to port to PS3 because ..well, they already have a big enough audience with the first two.

      The fact that they didn't even release patches for TF2 on 360 yet shows that they simply don't care that much about the console version.

      Don't get me wrong--they make great games. They just aren't console fans. (And imho, thank goodness it is that way. We need dedicated PC dev to keep the gaming industry as a whole going)

        To be fair, that's likely more because of MS only allowing Dev's to release DC that will cost money. Valve's probably waiting til they've given every class new weapons, and THEN make one update, as opposed to having minor 10 buck updates for each individual class.

    Is it time to remind developers-again- that altho Ps3 format may be more expensive to develop in the first instance and then to manufacture, it also seems that BluRay is piracy-proof? As in, people HAVE to buy legitimate copy to own the game. No 18 yr old smartarses flogging modded Ps3s full of cracked pirate games. as the Underpants Gnomes say- "Stage 3- PROFIT!"

    This besides the much larger capacity of a BD. Oh wait- I can hear a XBrix fanboy squeaking about slower BluRay disc readtimes. Again.

    And man am I sick of the "XBL is a better community" BS. What year is this, 2007?

    TBH I would trade every subsequent L4D game- for Uncharteds, Gran Turismos, Heavy Rain(s?) and timed-exclusives on Final Fantasies. Thats a lotta plurals.

      "And man am I sick of the “XBL is a better community” BS. What year is this, 2007?"

      Dude, you're acting like a fanboy now.

      XBL is better for a game like L4D. This is obvious to anyone who has ever used PSN and XBL. The widespread party/chat/voice integration is simply much better at this point in time.

      Get yourself a 360 (and a Wii). Play all consoles, stop blabbering about just one of them. Be happy as a gamer, not a fanboy.

      If you can't see value in Valve's games, that's your problem.

    I play Metal Gear Online and Uncharted 2 online daily and so do plently of people? I guess it only suits Chet to have people paying to play their games online.

    TBH I would trade every subsequent L4D game- for...

    Great, this article doesn't apply to you. Way to say a whole lot about something you don't care about.

    Did someone at Sony knock boots with someone at Valves mother???

    There has to be some history with these 2 companies cos Valve really seem to be unjustifiably harsh on Sony

    valve are pc developers. its no suprise they like the 360 over the ps3.

    Fanboys, fanboys, fanboys...

    I have both consoles, some games are better on one format or the other, both have great exclusives.

    No one community is better than the other, yes there are immature jerks on 360, but the worst racial hate tyrade I have ever heard was the other night playing Killzone 2.

    L4D on 360 in Australia was a joke, the games were all laggy and if you lasted more than 5 or 10 minutes without a disconnect you were shocked and amazed.

    L4D would work fine on the PS3, and at least the PS3 games I've played put you in Australian or at the worst European games so that you don't have to play with Americans. I have been told by Americans on several occasions that I have no right to play ranked games on XBL because my latency is too high...

    Just a really WILD guess here...

    But I bet Valve have a better idea than most (all) of you, of how their games are played on the various platforms.

    I'm also guessing that both Sony and Valve won't let small grudges, etc. get in the way of several millions with out a REAL reason.

    its suppose to be a MULTIPLAYER game but the co op/splitscreen on 360 only allows 2 players
    how am i suppose to play with 3 friends huh? stupid thing is its gonna be the same for l4d2 splitcreen only for 2 person,so if i invite my friends over i need to buy 2 360 oh great!

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