Video Games To Dominate Christmas Gift-Giving

When December 25, 2009 rolls around, and wrapping is torn to shreds under Christmas trees across the United States, it's estimated nearly half of all "transactions" will have involved video games.

That's according to research by the Entertainment Software Association, who believe that 42% of all American adults will this Christmas either give or receive a video game.

We'd love to say that means 21% of Americans will be getting a game from Santa, but since so many of you will be giving and receiving, we'll leave it at 42% going both ways.

What about you, are you asking for one? Or planning on giving one? I'm planning on neither; my Christmas ends with me either watching the Battlestar box set on Blu-Ray, or stamping my feet in the mother of all tantrums.

[via Dtoid]


    And because of Modern Warfare 2, many developers will miss out on this cash-in. :(

      hmm ODST got quite alot of money but that IS halo. Assassins Creed 2 is surfing the waves and about to land let's see how it fairs.

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