Want A Free Borderlands DLC Download Code?

The first Borderlands DLC pack, titled The Zombie Island of Dr Ned, is out now. If you'd like to score yourself a download code for the Xbox 360 version, you'd best read this post.

So I've got five Xbox 360 codes up for grabs. I'll be adding one to this post at a random time this morning. I'll be tweeting two codes via the Kotaku AU twitter and another two codes via my own personal account.

Keep your eyes peeled. And let me know which code you unlock if you're lucky enough to win.

Oh look, here's a code: TVYHP-2QWYP-8TD83-R68B6-292VM


    The DLC still isn't available on PSN... Any idea when us PS3 owners will be able to download this? (we want to kill Zombies too)

      I assume it'll be when the PSN store updates late Thursday night.

    Now every bastard in Australia that reads this page is going to be spamming the F5 key 'till their finger bleeds.

    Awesome awesome awesome!


    BTW David, I take it you're on top of the reviews Bayonetta as been receiving (40/40 and 10/10 and so on)? It's seems I was off the mark when I got to have a go of it some months ago, and thought it was DMC fanboy-drivel wrapped in mediocrity!

    Thanks for the tip I was not aware F5 was a refresh key. But I am focusing my efforts on the tweets

    id rather pay the 800 points then wait beside the pc all day hoping to get one haha

      I am stalking your tweeter account like a nerd on a midnight launch of a game

    You won't have me competing: I don't own this on 360 :)

    Come on, don't hold out on me man! :P

    if i said you had a beutiful body, mr wildgoose,
    would you hold it against me?

    So, what's that twitter account?

    I nailed the Red Faction one. Let's go for the old two-for-nil.

    technically... the morning is nearly over :P still no code?

    ah damn missed it... lol

    Doh, someone beat me to it.. :(

    omg... i got the one off twitter :D thaaaaanks!!!!!


    Got the code on this page. Thanks 2k and kotaku

    Damnit. I copied-pasted the second section in to the third without realising. Stupid slow internet connection. So close.

      damn you copy paisters I'm sitting in front of my xbox trying to type it in with a keyboard and I'm still too slow.

        Yeah, that's the hard way to do it. With this many people watching this competition, you'll never get one that way.

    Well, Someone got it already...

    Not I unfortunately :P

    Missed out on first code on twitter :(

    Bugger, bum, bitch, I missed it. Screw it! If I want it I'll just buy it. Haven't even finished the game yet.

    Yay! Got the code off DW's twitter. Cheers!

    Woooohoo! Just got the 2nd code from the Kotaku Twitter page. Thank you Kotaku!!!

    I copy-pasted the second kot_au code when it was posted 1 minute ago and still missed out.
    You guys are fast!

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