What Are You Playing This Weekend?

time gentlemen please picIt's just about getting to that time of year where I start looking back at all the games I missed out on playing. And then I start trying to catch up. This weekend is catching up time.

First on the list is Zombie Cow Studios' Time Gentlemen, Please. For those unaware, it's an indie-made adventure game that's meant to be quite good and quite funny. And, to judge by the screenshots, quite silly indeed. It's also available in a double pack with its predecessor Ben There, Dan That for just $US5 from Steam and Zombie Cow's own website.

I'm also planning on getting back to Uncharted 2, which has remained neglected since I first got it, and Borderlands, which has occupied much of the time I could have spent with Mr Drake.

What's on your weekend playlist?


    UC2 time, after a week of disgraceful neglect, maybe Borderlands to add to my one night of play.

    To catch up to all my friends on Borderlands of course. One of em finished 2 playthroughs in less than a week...

    It's all about Dragon Age this weekend for me. Still have to get all the other Wallace and Grommit episodes but don't really have the cash to buy them till Monday.

    i'm playing sitting on a beach in Fiji, sometimes its nice to get away from it all.

    Borrowed a copy of Mass Effect to see if I'd actually play it (and justify the $us9.99 it is on Steam currently). I know it's a good game, just don't know if I'd actually see myself sinking large amounts of time into it to qualify the purchase.

    Otherwise it's more Borderlands for me!

    I'll be playing Torchlight, TF2 and a few rounds of Kings Cup tonight ;)

    Funnily enough, I was just gifted the same pack. Only really tried Ben There, Dan That, and it's something I'll stick around with. Humour is good, so that's the primary reason I'm sticking with it.

    As well as that, Tekken 6. Because I need to play some local online games.

    MW2 For me

    I'll be wrapping up the main story of Ballad of Gay Tony, as well as hammering through a bit more of my second playthrough of Borderlands (I'm up to Sledge).

    Apart from that, yesterday I spontaneously dusted off my old Playstation copy of Front Mission 3, and remembered that there is an entire branch of storyline I haven't done yet (You make a trivial choice right at the start which determines the rest of the game)so I am starting that again, but not sure if I have the patience to see it through.

    I would also be playing through Mass Effect, if I had a decent computer, as it is so cheap on Steam atm. :(

    Dragon Age: Origins. It's simply fantastic. Maybe I'll try to get some Forza 3 in, but...

    Tekken 6, and finishing Uncharted 2 if I get the time.

    Torchlight XD

    Dragon Age and maybe some Borderlands in between.

    im hitting the books =(

    No love for Ratchet and Clank?
    Thats where my weekend will be going.

      I'm with you... although I seem to be nearing an end to the game, already satisfied with the game... Unless that completely nerf the ending...

      Ratchet is one of those games everyone can get into, it's not overly hard (although the Clank Puzzles can be noodle bending) and it's just down right entertaining.

      It follows the same formula as previous games, but the 'slight' open world feel they have added is perfect to break up the general linear story.

    Ill be playing Sam and Max Season 2

    Borderlands, and a neglected Brutal Legend and Uncharted 2 copy.

    I'm working from home all weekend, so its Tekken 6 until my eyes bleed, or until the missus puts her foot down. Which ever comes first.

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