What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I belatedly took my own advice and ordered the brutally hard Demon's Souls from Play Asia.

I ordered it on Tuesday and it showed up Friday afternoon. Not a bad turn around. I'm now looking forward to having my arse kicked all weekend long.

What will be kicking your arse this weekend?


    Recently started Fallout 3 again, I might give one of those expansions a stroll

    Playing Borderlands! Got to reach level 50 :) After that, I'm out of the house for the weekend, got BBQ's to go to and a bike to repair.

    Might catch a glimpse of my brother playing MW2, I guess.

    Will likely be playing Borderlands most of the weekend with a bit of TF2 thrown in for good measure.

    Modern Warfare 2 and I start my second Dragon Age play through.

    Just got the Overlord pack from steam (Overlord 1 + 2 and raising hell) for ~$9US. Very good value.

    Also on my second run of DA:O and some multi MW2

    Just finished uni for the year, so I have a lot of games to catch up on. I'll probably spend most of my time this weekend with MW2 and Demon's Souls though.

    I'll also be playing Demon's Souls most of the weekend, but I think I'll throw in some Bayonetta as well

    Bit of DJ Hero as an integral part of my real DJ setup has been fried. MW2 and GTA: Ballad of Gay Tony to let out a bit of frustration about said fried equipment.
    David, checkout the Atlus USA youtube channel for a bit of an explanation/walkthrough of Demon Souls, there's a lot to take in with that game.

    Most likely a fair bit of Tekken 6 with the lads, some New Super Mario Bros. with the mrs, and if I can actually find the time maybe some more Borderlands and get around to opening my copy of MW2.

    Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time and Modern Warfare 2 for me, both of which are shaping up to be truly kick-ass games.

    Tally up another for Dragon Age.

    i lov eyou for advertising play-asia. Getting left4dead2 from there half price :D

    Dragon Age: Origins. Just got the Dwarves to go...

    Bit more of the MAG beta. It's not too bad, still getting the hang of the missions etc.

    Also look at finishing Brütal Legend....liking it so much I'm drawing it out as long as possible.

    Dragon Age and Borderlands for me. And some horribly addictinve typing game I made the mistake of trying out on facebook. oh my.

    Finished my exams so it's all Lotro: MoM for me, great game.

    Borderlands, Team Fortress 2 and the timeless Thief: Deadly Shadows.

    I bought Demon's Soul's as well but haven't had a chance to play it, got it the same day Dragon Age was released.. Dragon Age is just far to good to put down, will probably be playing it hardcore for months yet.

    Mostly I'll be playing Real Life. I'm up to the bit where you have to study for exams - lame. Luckily the gameplay gets a lot more interesting after this part. Oh, and I'm installing the Torchlight demo too

      Hang in there, what kind of exams Uni or highschool?

        haha thanks mate. Uni, but it shouldn't be too hard: it's an open book physics exam

    I still have a week full of accounting/law exams - any takers? So my xbox is locked up for another week ::sigh:: next weekend is AC2 all the way and a bit of Arkham on the 360

      Melb uni?

      Accounting/law exams...ouchy.
      I did one unit of business law as a prerequisite in my course and that was plenty.

    Going to try and finish my first playthrough of Dragon Age. After that I will hit Borderlands which I have briefly played and quite like.

    MW2 and Infamous. I just got it for $40 bucks at target

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