What Game Made You Cry The Most?

Japan's Oricon Life polled 500 men between the ages of teen and 40-something about which games have made them cry the most and complied a list of the top five. Weepy drumroll please...

5. Mother 2 4. Clannad 3. Final Fantasy VII 2. Dragon Quest V 1. Final Fantasy X

What about you? What game made you ball your flaccid heart out?

最も泣いたゲーム、ドラクエをおさえ1位『ファイナルファンタジー10』 [ORICON via 痛いニュース(ノ∀`)]


    Modern Warfare 2 when the treated the PC as if it were another Console.

    Lost Odyssey - those who've played it know where

      Omg. Yes!

    couple have had me close to tears,
    the moment after the fight with 'the boss' in Metal Gear Solid : Snake Eater. I swear it takes me close to a minute to press that button everytime.

    Also, the path to the final Colossus in Shadow of the Colossus, when the bridge falls apart. I swear my motions mirrored Wanders

      MGS 4 has it moments to

        yeah, all the metal gears solid titles have had some sort of tear jerker moment really. Strangely, i found MGS4 the least emotional of the games.

    Suikoden - "WAAAAAAAH GREEBO" .... (I think thats the name)

    Not sure what else got a little emotional from Alyx's voice in HL2ep2 it's such a shame that I'll never know what happened since Valve have abandoned HL2ep3 :( Actually now I am sad about that not being released and abandoned.
    RIP Half Life 2 episode 3 :(

    Everquest. Everytime I died. I cried like a little girl.

    Metal Gear Solid 4 when Snake was crawling to the server room through the heat/ When he was in the graveyard about to commit suicide/ during the wedding when wedding when Otacon tells Sunny about Snake.


      Yeah, I can understand MGS4 doing it, movies have always been better at evoking emotions than games... ZING!

      Oh man, now I feel dirty and ashamed.

    Homeworld 1, when you see your planet burning and the last survivors of your race being slaughtered. I took the time to read the back story in the manual before I played and by the time it happened I actually cared. Also the song didn't help :( sad.... very sad

    Aces Combat 5 upset me a bit, especially because the radio really makes you feel like part of a team, but when the game gets sad everyone just stops speaking and you've still got to keep fighting.

    As for HL2 - (SPOILERS)
    Alex has been captured:
    (Well i rescued her no surprise there)
    Now we're both being exploded:
    (okay magic teleporting out, bit cheap but i can handle it)
    Now Alex has been fatally stabbed to death
    (more magic wtf?)
    The ending of EP2 was sad but I was actually slightly relieved that i could get upset without the possibility of his brains getting put back in EP3, I'm 90% sure that won't happen, even with alien magics.

    Sorry for the rant, that's been bugging me for a while :)

    Elite Beat Agents. >_>
    The one with the girl whose father passes away.

    No game has ever quite got there for me, many a movie, tv show, books even. I'll admit HL 2 Ep 2. final scene, got the closest.

    What do you mean Valve abandoned it???!?!!

    Just as I thought... lies.

    Ahhh... Clannad, definite good to see it on the list.

    Planescape:Torment the ending of that game is the only game to have generated excess eye water

    The Darkness

    Shadow of the Colossus & MGS3

    Lost Odyssey for sure. Every scene is sadder than the last.

    Braid, the ending you get if you have all puzzle pieces but no stars. Very powerful. Shame about the existence of that other ending.

    Has to be Ico, the ending chokes me up every time.

    No one has mentioned FFVII?

    +1 for Alyx in hl2ep2
    after these comments i've decided i do need to play lost odyssey. been considering it for a while.

    oh and lol @ Drunkspleen

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