What Left 4 Dead 2 Boycotters Are Playing

Following up on our What Modern Warfare 2 Boycotters are Playing post, we get the impression that Left 4 Dead 2 boycotters are a bit better at sticking to their guns.

While there are a number of Left 4 Dead 2 boycotters who caved and played any way, a much larger number are enjoying other Steam titles, such as Counter-Strike Source, Team Fortress 2, and the original Left 4 Dead. There are even several playing Modern Warfare 2, which just goes to show you can't boycott everything.

Special thanks to Jeremy for reminding me to check this.


    Still proudly boycotting both :D

    I made this comment a few days back on many forums.
    That over 10 pages of boycott I only saw 6 people playing the DEMO.

    I knew this would happen, I checked on it before the release and many were playing the demo.

    haha at least they're doing alot better than the MW2 boycotters.

    i won't own either any time soon anyway, so all's good..

      that's because MW is still a great game.

      L4D2 is a joke. it's like teletubbies play session..wait a sec..

    I see a lot of people playing l4d2 in that screencap.

    what are the other 689 pages doing?

    Its an open group, and like the Modern Warfare 2 boycott I bet some individuals joined the group who never intended to boycott the game in order to make the group look stupid.

    If you researched just a little before posting viral news, you might have realised the L4D2 boycott is over.

    Valve satisfied their promises with L4D and the group announced their closing some time ago.

      No, the original leaders of the group announced that they were not going to boycott it anymore.

      Many members felt this was because vale threw money at them (flew them out to valve HQ, gave them exclusive time with the game) and their opinion was therefore skewed.

      So the boycott continues, just with people who have a slightly bigger moral compass

    Well they pretty much abandoned the boycott anyway. Only a small few stood by it. The others just wanted attention.

    I've boycotted boycott's. I will never take part in a boycott of any kind.

    I was going to start a group but if anyone joined the boycott they'd be automatically barred for breaking the charter of no boycotts.

      So really, you're not boycotting anything either are you? You'd stand against what you believe in.
      But by not boycotting at all....

      I'm lost D:

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