What Modern Warfare 2 Boycotters Are Playing


    im just gonna keep playing cod4 of course! can't wait for the galactic warfare mod to be released, that should tide me over till Bad Company 2 comes out :)


    bahaha awesome

    LOL... most people boycotting are playing it :P

    Idiots. Typical of the Internet generation - Rant & rave, but then bow down & beg to the man to have a piece of the pie once push comes to shove.

    I lold

    what a bunch of trolls
    get off my internets with your pissweak "boycott" efforts you fucking sellouts
    Kotaku stop posting about boycotts that dont go anywhere or i may have to boycott you!
    (i wont)

      boycotts are entertaining at least


    Internet hypocracy at its best!

    Let's boycott kotaku! *reads kotaku*

    hahahaha classic!
    we all knew this would happen though.

    I understand the torment, I'm dying to play it. But we all know I will eventually fail. I don't think a boycott can change the course of the best selling game of all time. I'm trying my best on behalf of my own principals.

    I guess what we need is an open source community to develop a true PC cod 'clone'. Something with modern graphics. Does anyone know if something like this is being tried/developed?

    Being in a boycott, they'd probabyl be surrounded by MW2 news and whatnot. This would cause hype for the game to start developing in their minds. Eventually the power is too strong to resist, and they end up buying the game.

    Either that or they just want to complain.

      what do you mean eventually? the game hasn't even been out a week.

    This is why no one takes boycotts seriously. Who really believed anybody would pass on the biggest game of the year because of this issue? Whiny butthurt hypocrites.

      I passed on this game, because of this issue.

    Everyone there who is 'boycotting' MW2, probably also wanted to play it badly.
    They have been caught up in the hype, and then only at the last minute did IW leave the dedicated servers off.

    If you aren't literally having an orgasm over hearing the name, then I think you'd be able to boycott it quite easily.

    I sold my prestige pre-order to someone who wanted it, I played 5 mins of it, thought it was boring and palmed it off.
    I dont know many others who could do the same.

    It's 883 vs 7million + so yeah who's going to listen to them?

      DICE would, Valve would

    Just another reason why people should just enjoy the damn games. All this political stuff needs to go, its ruining enjoyment for everyone.

      they still get heard which isn't a bad thing, they just go and undo it all when they still buy the game on day one

    Pathetic effort. I feel ashamed to even be taking part of this boycott (and no I have not bought the game). They're not doing us any favours by giving into the hype.

    Well done guys. That'll teach Activision.

    Those people are pathetic. I want nothing to do with the removal of dedicated servers so I do not buy this poor excuse for a game.

    LOL, arrrr, the joy of the internet. People able to join a cause they dont believe in.

    lol cool filename, Kotaku. Getting your content from 4chan again?

      That would be why the post says "Found on the PC Gamer Forums via Rock, Paper, Shotgun."

    Wow, I really lose faith in 8 year olds now. Not that I had any. Join a boycott if you actually boycott it okay kiddies?

    Not a single person was in a non-steam game, meaning no one there pirated it.

    Boycott ftw?

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