What's On Good Game TV Tonight?

Don't worry, television fans, we haven't forgotten about Good Game. Junglist may have moved on, but we're still able to bring you a preview of tonight's episode.

So what is coming up on Good Game tonight?

In the face of the tsunami of protest over Junglist's departure from the show, new presenter Hex and Bajo soldier on to bring you their experiences with this week’s new game releases:

* Tekken it to the next level with Tekken 6… and we catch up with the game’s producer Katsuhiro Harada

* Fans of plastic gaming peripherals get a new addition to their collection with DJ Hero

* And we bring you our first impressions of the massive RPG Dragon Age: Origins and meet with Dr Greg Zeschuk, Bioware’s co-founder.

Plus Rei looks at games that make us spew, literally. A surprising number of gamers suffer from virtual simulator sickness. We look at its causes and what gamers can do to make sure they can play without pain.

Catch Good Game Monday nights on ABC2 @ 8:30pm, or late Friday nights on ABC1, just before rage.

Watch any episode at www.abc.net.au/goodgame

Or if you miss it, watch a higher quality version on ABC's iView service.

Enjoy the show!


    Correction: Junglist has been moved on-- he didn't go voluntarily.

    I actually don't mind Hex at all, while its sad to see Junglist go, Hex is a good replacement imo.

      Guh, I don't want to get jumped on for being sexist again, lol... but IMO she is absolutely hopeless. She sounds awkward and her speech is unnatural, like she's just read it off a cue card, as opposed to is being her own opinion. The show has gone down 100% in quality since Junglist was thrown out... I still watch it as it's all we've got on TV, but I don't look forward to it like I used to.

        This is going to sound cruel... but every time Bajo speaks she keeps staring at him and the camera... it's like she can't wait for him to stop talking so she can have her turn.

        Actually, I thought the opposite, I thought her speech sounded pretty natural and *not* sounding like it was coming off an auto-cue, she seems to know her stuff. She seems remarkably *not* awkward considering she has only done a couple of episodes.
        It will take quite a few weeks to settle in and find yr stride, it isn't easy.

      Apparently you did not watch last week's "Ask Good Game" segment where it consisted of a few seconds of answering questions and the rest being two wacky hosts doing wacky things because wacky skits are hilarious and wacky and far better than actual presentation.
      I mean, I could ignore it when it was just Bajo doing the zany humour aspect, but now that it's both the hosts, I won't even bother.

    Did anyone see their review of Cities XL (or whatever it's called)?
    They went on and on and on about all these minutiae, it was absurd. A clear reaction to concerns regarding the hardness of their core.

    Plus Rei looks at games that make go spew,?


    Will anyone bother to watch with Modern Warfare 2 out tonight? LOL

    I don't have the desire to watch anymore since Jung got the boot. The reviews are lacking and feel forced, one day to review a game is a joke. The show just feels amateur and has lost it's appeal.

    @Jason I'm not attending a midnight launch, but I still won't watch this show. It's horrendously bad IMO. The hosts are awkward and unnatural, try too hard to be funny and try too hard to connect with the audience. They're reviews aren't really helpful and the rating system (i think it was rubber chickens?) i mean, wtf. Rubber chickens, really? NOT FUNNY.

    I much prefer xplay, which is still "try too hard to be funny", but it's not as bad and i find it useful. reviews are good, and often they'll have previews and interviews with developers, which is nice. too bad they don't show it anymore, I really liked it.

      Xplay has some of the worst reviews I've read in my life.

    Where did Junglist or whatever go?

      err I think they've always had the rubber chickens rating system since the beginning?

      He got booted off the show so they could get a hot chick.

    They're completing changing the show in case anyone's not aware, ABCs goal is to have Good Game cater to casual gamers and non-gamers now (to get better ratings), hence why the 'hardcore gamer guy' was replaced with the 'casual gamer girl'. That's not how the marketing people upstairs would put it but that's essentially what they're doing.

    Listen to The Gap podcast on gamearena.com.au if you want more info from Jung himself as he was on for ep10 recently.

    I finally got a chance to watch a couple of eps with Hex and found myself a bit 'meh' overall. She's not annoying and carries herself fairly well, but I just get a feeling that it's not that much of a familiar subject matter for her. It's almost like watching Morgan Webb mince her way around G4, but without that annoying voice.

    I'll still continue to watch it/grab the podcast where I can for now. At least it's something gaming related on the TV & that has to be better than nothing at all.

      I'll agree with that... but she's gotta put some pants on.

    Dissapointed entirely with this episode.

    They should rename the show:

    Good Game, the show for 'gamers', by a couple of people that play games occasionally.

    Seriously, the amount of n00bness in this episode was incredible. Hex mispronouncing 'EYE DEE' software as 'ID' (like in HID), Bajo trying to explain that the fact that you CANNOT FAIL in DJ hero is a GOOD thing, and depicting a man playing the original doom by plunking him on a couch and putting a controller in his hand.

    Not to mention that horrible 'omg you had a different opinion to me!!' joke!

    Sorry guys, 3 strikes and you're out. I guess Jung contributed a lot more to this show than I thought. I watched good game because of the local content, but i guess the game trailers guy will just have to do! At least he's an actual gamer who KNOWS his shit!

      Hey Steven, "id" as in "hid" is the correct pronunciation. That's why it's written as "id Software".

        Argh! You're right! I've just never heard it pronounced that way. My face has QUITE A BIT of egg on it right now.

        Still not happy with the show :(. I really WANTED it to be good aswell

          Note to self: Don't post comments in a rushed rage to avoid embarrassing oversights!

            Don't feel bad. I thought it was "eye-dee" for YEARS before figuring it out.

              Yeah, I grew up assuming it was "eye dee" until I saw a video on the net for... quake 3? 4? where they specifically said "id". still hard to get over the habit...

      Yeah, it's actually pronounced "id", as in the thing Freud talked about.

      Therefore, fail :)

    i stopped watching good game a while ago in preference to co-op on revision 3. i like the way they review games without giving them a rating ,, and just talking about the stuff in the game they thought was good or could use some work, just general nerdy conversation. i think it would be better to emulate that style of review show, the fact that you don't really get a score and usually have about 3 people sometimes more bantering about the game the way i would do in my lounge room with other gamer friends has much more appeal .. if you guys haven't seen it you should check it out

    Also, is anyone else a bit worried about the Dragon Age preview? I've been keeping a casual eye on it for a while, because i was a HUGE baulder's gate fan, but it was basically described on the show as being 'Baulder's Gate for n00bs' which i'm not too sure about.

    I'll agree that BG was needlessly complicated at times, but i hope it doesn't get oversimplified.

      They said that? Man this show is even MORE FAIL than I originally thought.

    Yea, I watched the show tonight, and it was pretty poor. Hex is pretty bad at the presenting side of things. Don;t get me wrong, you'd smash that, but come on, give us some credit. Put someone on there that actually cares about what they are doing and stop treating us as idiots for thinking a hot chick will get us to like it more. We have the internet for our hot chicks anyway

    I have watched 2 single reviews from thw webite since Junglist left. Both were poorly done.

    Bye Bye Good Game.

    @Steven Bogos yeah I heard that bout Dragon Age it looks to be a a upgrade to Baldur's Gate but if its going to be made into a simple game and if there going to remove all the stuff that made BG good its going to be a pretty crap game possibly a single player WoW.

    Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 were some of the best games I've played and I would like to see a remake into something like a 3D RPG but Dragon Age doesn't appear to do it by the sounds of it.

    And we need Jung back the new host is meh

      I don't know what other people are saying, but saying DA:O is BG lite is an absolute load of rubbish. It's just as hardcore. The only way a "casual" gamer could get through DA is if they were playing on Easy, for Normal you definitely need to understand how status attacks, magic etc works. Otherwise you have no hope, since the game scales difficulty with your level, so you can never grind to totally overpower them.

    Producers complain that one day of play is enough to review a game. You think with their policy now "enforced" they would get more than 2 game reviews an episode.

    I don't wanna hear some crap from Rei, give me more reviews.

    Second what was up with that Wii golf ROFL Cup last week? Bajo just stood there and did nothing, I know he was supposed to be the caddy or something but it was weird.

    She's not craptastic but not as good as Jung. Shoulda just put her on the ABC3 Good Game: SP show with Bajo and left Jung on the main show. Too late now ABC you burnt that bridge.

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