When Harry Met Lara Met Pringles

With all those annoying locked doors, this Pringles ad does a spot-on parody of Silent Hill. So why does a Lara Croft lookalike appear when a Harry Mason doppelganger pops a tube of Pringles?

Look I don't know from Asian potato chip advertising, so you're just going to have to take this minute-long TV spot, as confusing as a Silent Hill plotline, at face value.

What we believe it to be is Pringles Asian segment targeting video gamers with a none-too-subtle, potentially copyright-infringing homage to two wildly different properties. But maybe the folks at F—k Yeah, Lara Croft! have a better idea. They were the ones who spotted it.


    Had to laugh when one of the thing "Lara" pulls out and drops was a silicone implant.

    Or even a 'chicken fillet' booster... Disturbingly enough there was only one. Croft mastectomy perhaps?
    Also, where was the foil seal on the Pringles tube? Or did Pyramid Head already open it and forget it when he went off to rape a mannequin?

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