Which Game Was That Again?

An Amazon review begins: "i got game n kil rat mutate over n over untl bad dude kil me ouch. i like game lot n rats r cool n stuff wen thety mutate n try to kill me daed ouch!"

It continues: "It ok to play n shoot bad dude n i get game n tell u to get game to kil rat an bad dudes in ur guns u kill rat. Ok great good but no ok good great just ok good great good. Get."

This is a user review, of course. A glowing one based on the star rating.

Can you guess the game it's about? The answer.

Via game designer Martin Hollis' Twitter feed. PIC


    Was that written by one of E4G's reviewers?

    I'd guess fallout 3?

    Can someone tell me why people are so stupid, i mean really, is he/she on crack or something?

    Sounds alot like borderland... LOts and Lots of skags at the start!! ok no more spoilers but damn you SKAGZILLA

    I felt like I was back in the Capital Wasteland for a minute there. What a way with words! Borderlands though, didn't pick up on that one.

    Sounds like every MMO out there to date...


    Would have guessed Fallout 3, but i'm not surprised it's Borderlands. After all Borderlands is the newer and it's the same as Fallout 3 anyway.

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