Which Kotaku Reader Is Best Prepared For The Zombie Apocalypse?

Last week we were giving away a bunch of Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles prize packs. Let's find out who won.

But first, a quick prize recap. We had five packs up grabs, each featuring the game for Wii, a Res Evil pen and medical mask, a Raccoon City PD wallet and of course that awesome t-shirt, as worn by those two muppets.

We asked you to show us how you'd survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. We wanted photos. Here are the five winners.

Lots of people sent in photos of themselves dressed zombies. Finlay D sent in the best.

re dc finlay d 1

Hamish W took the intellectual approach.

re dc hamish w

Kieren D has a cunning plan. And a hidden stick of dynamite.

re dc kieren d

John K decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

re dc john k

And finally, Michael M makes a tactical retreat to the Shed.

re dc michael m

Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the five winners. I'll be in touch later today to arrange delivery of your prizes.


    "This shed has been refused classification by the OLFC"

    You sir, are a winner at life XD

      Haha cheers mate.

      We also wrote this as a communique along with the entry:


      This is a message from your New Australian President. Ever since "The Incident" myself and my bodyguard (Pablo) have performed a fair share of cleansing raids and defensive manoeuvres against the infected. We are taking this opportunity to send the call out to all uninfected like minded civil servants who wish to join up with us in the fight.

      We shall rebuild anew this great land and drive the hordes into the sea.

      All volunteers should meet at our parliament headquarters ("The Shed") to join us in the fight.

      Training starts 10 AM daily. BYO weapons (and lunch)"

        Congrats on win, Mr President

        'Earth Repopulation Centre: All uninfected women welcome'
        I like the way you think sir.

    Haha. This shed has been refused classification. Gold.

    didn't the guidelines say there had to be 2 people in the picture? i'm confused..

      Finlay did send in a second pic with himself and a friend. The closeup shot just worked better for this post.

        ahh ok, well that makes more sense lol

        Kinda bummed i missed out but these were some pretty damn good entries.

        Well done everyone!

    All pretty kickass entries. Was expecting at least one Zombieland reference though..

    Very nice Finlay. I like your shirt/tie combo.

    Woohoo! Thanks guys! =D

      That's one awesome zombie mask!

        It's actually attached to my face. Took two hours to make using liquid latex, toilet paper and a few water balloons.

        Was bloody painful to take off too. =P

    Wow, grats on everyone who won!!! :)

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