Who Won Those LittleBigPlanet PSP Bundles?

Sony gave us two of the new LitleBigPlanet PSP bundles with the new turqoise PSP. So, obviously, we wanted to give them away. Let's find out who the two lucky winners are.

We asked you to write a limerick beginning with “There once was a Sackboy…” You can read all 341 entries here and here. But only two can win.

This is them:

Brent Harrison There was a sackboy named Michael, who thought banning games was delightful, Until one day, Voters sent him away, By electing his political rival.

Ryan Stalgis There once was a sackgirl named Rose Who picked a loose thread from her nose She soon felt dim-witted For since she was knitted She unraveled right down to her toes!

Congratulations guys, I'll be in touch later today to arrange delivery of your prize.


    haha glad i didn't get around to entering the 2nd draw. That was fantastic!

    Well done guys - much deserved

    Thank you so much, you just made my day!!! Can't wait to try it out, I'm a huge fan of the PS3 version. Cheers Dave and Kotaku, you rock :D

    I knew Ryan's would win when I first read it, awesome stuff indeed.

    Well done to both winners!

    Congrats to you both, excellent stuff.

    Awww again I fail at scoring a prize.. *sobs* But well done to you two guys they were ace entries, and to all the ones which made me laugh too. Well done all. :)

    More comps please Dave!

    Good job guy's some really good entries overall as well! Love Ryan's!

    Yep, great choices. Well done guys! :)

    Nice one! Loved this competition!

    Absolutely fantastic work guys. Congratulations!

    Good choice of winning entries too, David. I actually didn't mind losing this one, because they followed the rules and did such a great job of it.

    Both entries were excellent. Kudos to Ryan though.

    Congrats to Brent & Ryan. Their limericks are hilarious!

    Meh. Almost every winner of comps at this site doesn't follow the rules. Whether it be writing over the allowed word amount or in this case not using the correct words.

    I know it's small but sackgirl is not not sackboy as the rules said...

      Go cry somewhere else. People don't care if you bend rules, as long as you're awesome enough to get away with it.

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