Wiiwaa Lets Wii Owners Penetrate, Play With Puppets

Swedish game developer Zoink Games presents Wiiwaa, a Wii adventure game "designed around the concept of puppeteering" with a Wii Remote jammed inside. Is this for real?

Zoink's trailer of Wiiwaa in action, which largely involves violently shaking a stuffed creature to "explore, jump, dance, [and]do crazy somersaults", would lead one to believe it is. But the conceptual nature of just about everything else on the Wiiwaa site leads us to believe this is, well, a concept.

From Zoink's description of the game which looks sharp, multiple Wiiwaa puppets are planned for sale. "Each Wiiwaa is different, has individual behaviour and looks," the web site claims. Of course, it also claims that "there has never been a simpler and more natural way to play an action adventure game". But at least it looks better than the creeptastic Baby And Me.

We've reached out to the Zoink Games folks to find out what's up with all this Wiiwaa stuff.

WiiWaa [Zoink Games via GoNintendo]


    I think that is extremely creative concept and should get a goahead as long as it doesnt suck.

    Although i think little kids shouldnt be playing videogames anyways.

      How much trolls could a troll troll troll if a troll troll could troll trolls?

    This is incredibly cute. Probably because its called Wiiwaa, but it is still quite charming nonetheless.

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