WIN! A Boy And His Blob Wii Game And Art Book

A Boy and His Blob is the adorable Wii remake of one of the most fondly-remember NES platformers. You could win a copy by sharing some love.

Thanks to our friends at AFA Interactive, we've got five copies of the game, plus five extremely limited edition art books, to give away all this week. The art book contains gorgeous concept art (pictured below) from the game's artists and there were only 130 of them printed worldwide. Yours will be hand-numbered and everything!

One unique feature of A Boy and His Blob is that it has a hug button. Yes, a hug button. A button for giving hugs.

To be in the running to win, we want you to give a hug, too. Send us a photo of yourself hugging someone or something. The five hugs that most warms our heart with love and affection will win. It's as simple as that.

Entries close at midnight, Sunday, November 29. Good luck!

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    It has to be said... any artbook that demands reference to E.H. Shepard in its pages is going to be a fascinating read in my books.

    holy heck david... LOL

    seriously awesome comp overload...

    if i enter all 3 current comps do i have a chance at winning something from all 3 if my entries are good enough, or will i have to choose which one i want to most?... i'm not too sure how it works.. i have won a couple in a row, but never at once.. i'm not sure if anyone would have won more than one at one time. lol

      The best entries will win, regardless of who they're from.

    "Send us a photo of yourself hugging someone or something."

    I dunno, i got arrested for that once...

    OMG I have to enter this comp. I grew up with the NES version and this is full of cuteness!

    Are multiple entries fine?

      No multiple entries!

        What about multiple hugs in one entry?

          That is fine.

    Photoshops allowed? :)

      As long as you're 'shopping an original photo of yourself, yes.

    The game alone would be great but OH MAN I really do want that artbook. Hmm... This will require some thought...

    Moe time!

      Oh my god I'm up against you Chewy?

      It's on.

        Bring it =D

    It says "a photo of yourself". Does it have to be me, or can it be someone else I know?
    Assuming they let me take the picture for the competition of course. :P

    instead of giving it away, could afa just make it possible to buy in shops?


      I'm very sad for you. Welcome to Kotaku, anyway. I hope to see you around.

        Nah this place seems stupid doesn't even let me automatically win stuff I want I don't think it'll last.

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