WIN! A LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Portable Bundle

lbp psp bundleLittleBigPlanet hit the PSP this week. We've got two LittleBigPlanet PSP bundles to give away. But only if you can make us laugh.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed. The second winner will be announced 11am Monday.

LittleBigPlanet on PSP is an entirely new Sackboy adventure with an Australiana themed area just one of more than 35 original levels. And just like on PS3, you can create your own levels and share them online with the PSP community.

Thanks to our friends at Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, we have two prize packs up for grabs, both including:

* A turqiose Slim & Lite PSP * A copy of LittleBigPlanet on UMD * A Sackboy screenwipe * And a Sackboy PSP pouch

How do you win? It's limerick time again. You have to write a LittleBigPlanet themed limerick that begins "There once was a Sackboy..." (Remember: limericks have fives lines; lines 1, 2 & 5 should rhyme, and lines 3 & 4 should rhyme.)

Good luck!

NOTE: As with all Kotaku comps, only one entry per draw is allowed. If you leave multiple entries, only the first one will be considered.

And the first winner is... Brent Harrison, who submitted not just the first but the best classification-themed limerick:

There was a sackboy named Michael, who thought banning games was delightful, Until one day, Voters sent him away, By electing his political rival.

Remember, leave your limerick here to go into the second draw. Entries close at midnight Sunday.

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    Fantastic limerick.

    Well done Brent. =)

    There once was a sackboy narrator
    a real smooth operator
    he's a hell of a guy
    his name's Stephen Fry
    this limerick's done, catch ya later

    There once was a sackboy too curious.
    His intelligence rather spurious.
    Oh what a stunt,
    The stupid runt.
    He exploded, player 1 is furious.

    There once was a sackboy named Cass
    who used to say words with much crass
    you're all @#$%ing creeps
    damn, I got bleeped
    @#$% you all in the ass!

    The once was a sackboy named Stan,
    Who sung verses of the Qur'an,
    Though wholly devout,
    A new patch came out,
    He was silenced for the sake of Islam

    There once was a sackboy named James
    who really loved to play games
    he played day and night
    and some how to spite
    his computer went up in flames

    There once was a Sackboy named Nick,
    Who wrote a bad Limerick,
    it was the last of two tries,
    To win the prize,
    But he only won a stick.

    There once was a Sackboy named Murray.
    Who had his first piping hot curry.
    It tasted quite queer.
    He downed it with beer.
    And soon he was pooping McFlurry.

    There once was a Sackboy that stunk
    Of a gut-churning eye-watering funk
    A wash was decreed
    Now a new platform they'd need
    As when he dried out he had shrunk!

    There once was a sackboy called Goose,
    He train travelled via caboose,
    A great prize give-away,
    Left no bedtime foreplay,
    But "this one is WIN" he will deduce!

      I'm assuming that since you have no car David you travel by train...? Because one cant PSP while riding a bike to work can they... Am I right?

    There once was a Sackboy named Timmy Smooth
    On PS3 he loved to dance and groove
    Now he's on PSP
    Ported over so easily
    Now he can dance and groove on the move!

    There once was a Sackboy called GO
    Who retailed for four-fifty or so
    Sales were down
    Which made retailers frown
    Because consumers would not part with their dough.

    There once was a Sackboy band
    Their lyrics and melodies: Bland!
    They tried hip hop,
    and thought 'Tip top!'
    But now they play for cash in hand

    There once was a sackboy named Ben
    Who enjoyed stapling things to his friend
    Until one day he was grabbed
    And into the PSP jabbed
    His coop days coming to an end

    There was a sackboy named Mark
    He went to the Park
    He saw a beast
    Who wanted a Feast
    It was Dark...

    There once was a Sackboy who would cry
    Until he gave something else a try
    He pressed up and up
    Then he smiled like a pup
    And from then on he heard a voice called Fry

    There once was a Sackboy all green
    I thought this particularly mean
    "I bought a PSPGo
    so it's rude don't you know
    to be green while I'm deep in the red!"

      *reread* how did I mess that up so bad?

        ninja revise!

        There once was a Sackboy named Ted
        Whose green tint just got to my head
        “I bought a PSPGo
        so it’s rude, don’t you know,
        to be green while I’m deep in the red!”

        revise complete.

    There once was a sackboy named Hugh,
    his games were a substitute for food,
    he shot zombies for a living,
    but died upon hearing,
    the ban on Left 4 Dead 2.

    There once was a Sackboy called Pete,
    And The level was almost complete,
    A Cow fell from the air and dropped on his head!
    He ran with despair but it fell on his head!
    ....and now all thats left is his feet :(

    There once was a sackboy named Roy,
    Who all along through he was a boy,
    He inspected his parts,
    Saw inter-changeable art,
    Then realised he was only a toy.

      Damn. Meant to be "thought" instead of "through". =/

    There once was a Sackboy named Pete,
    Who's limerick was tidy and neat.
    He lost phase number one,
    and admitted he was done,
    and therefore declared defeat.

    There once was a Sackboy from the Port,
    whose wang was exceedingly short.
    When he jumped into bed,
    his wife said, "Now Ned,
    this isn't a wang it's a wart."

    There once was sackboy who was bored.
    LittleBigPlanet he much adored.
    While waiting for Water,
    he thinks that he oughta
    save for a PSP which he can't quite afford.

    There once was a Sackboy who tried
    To turn into Jekyll & Hyde
    He worked out the kinks
    Then slept forty winks
    And woke up to go far and wide

    There once a Sackboy that sighed
    His latest building project had died
    The textures were messed up
    The pixels screamed wassup!
    "I should have bought a PS3!" he cried.

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