WIN! A LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Portable Bundle

lbp psp bundleLittleBigPlanet hits the PSP today. We've got two LittleBigPlanet PSP bundles to give away. But only if you can make us laugh.

LittleBigPlanet on PSP is an entirely new Sackboy adventure with an Australiana themed area just one of more than 35 original levels. And just like on PS3, you can create your own levels and share them online with the PSP community.

Thanks to our friends at Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, we have two prize packs up for grabs, both including:

* A turqiose Slim & Lite PSP * A copy of LittleBigPlanet on UMD * A Sackboy screenwipe * And a Sackboy PSP pouch

How do you win? It's limerick time again. You have to write a LittleBigPlanet themed limerick that begins "There once was a Sackboy..." (Remember: limericks have fives lines; lines 1, 2 & 5 should rhyme, and lines 3 & 4 should rhyme.)

There'll be two draws, one for today and Friday and a second one for the weekend. You've got until midnight tomorrow to get your entry in for the first draw. Then stay tuned for the opening of the second draw at 10am Saturday, where we'll also announce the first winner. Got that?

Good luck!

NOTE: As with all Kotaku comps, only one entry per draw is allowed. If you leave multiple entries, only the first one will be considered.

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    There once was a sackboy called paul
    Who heard a mysterious call
    a ledge, he jumped over,
    into a waiting flame-thrower
    And now he's a sack fireball

      There once was a Sackboy who could
      Play, create, share, if you would
      He could run left or right
      Even Jump, swim? and fight
      Do anything, but couldn't get wood.

      Hmmm... Still nothing to say 1 post so what the hell!

      There once was a sackboy in bed
      As his skin had gone spotty and red
      I went in to the poppit
      to see if I could stop it
      And made him blue burlap instead


          And this couldn't have been said earlier because....? To be fair, I waited almost 8 hours with people constantly asking wether 1 or more entry was allowed.

      There once was a sackboy in space
      Who's rare spacesuit took pride and place
      But now not so pleased
      It's been re-released
      And he sees spacesuits all over the place

      Bitter? Me?

      There once was a sackboy named Bert
      who's feelings were ever so hurt
      For he came to this land
      A little later than planned
      And missed out on a week one shirt

      There once was a sackgirl who was
      swept off her sackfeet because
      in the level it said
      Oh, let us be wed
      And on Kotaku it caused such a fuss

      There once was a sackboy like me
      who wanted to swim in the sea
      So began a long wait
      for the new water update
      But he died of old age. R.I.P.

      There once was a sackboy so sad
      Free content, no longer to be had
      New free stuff we're told!
      but it's just reposted old...
      Not gifts sir? Have we been bad?

    There once was a joyous sackboy,
    whos creepy smile filled us with joy,
    He's bold, and brave, and small and brown brown,
    But alas we are still waiting to watch him drown,
    Bouyancy void on this little toy.

    This is such a great bundle. And such a great competition. Thought i'd give it a try.

    There once was a Sackboy...
    Kids thought he was a toy
    They threw him around
    He went straight to the ground
    And found yet another to annoy

    There once was a sackboy from Sony,
    Whose hand-held adventure was lonely,
    With ad-hoc lacklustre,
    And no infrastructure,
    The reviewers called this title "phony"

      There wasn't anything mentioned about 1 entry per person, I noticed. Not sure if this is ok, but here's another for your consideration:

      There was was a Sackboy who died,
      But, upon respawn, he learned he could fly,
      He then realized 'Create Mode'
      Had freedom by the boat-load,
      But the online-create patch? Denied!

      My limmerics are all about missing features, but I do love the game.

        I see you've added the thingie about "One entry per person". I might just re-submit my second idea for the second round of entries on Saturday, or see if I can come up with anything better, heh.

      This one's got my vote LOL

    There once was a Sackboy and Sackgirl
    But when she got near he would hurl
    Some work with his Popit
    She couldn't stop it
    Now watch the romance unfurl

    There once was a Sackboy from Australia
    Who entered a comp for paraphernalia
    He wanted to win
    But before he'd begin
    He realised his rhymes were just failure

      Haha, yup.

    There once was a Sackboy who live in my lounge room
    I used to wake up and adventure with him until noon
    He now has a new home in the palm of my hand
    Where he and I adventure as I sit in the sand
    I hope walking and adventuring will not lead to my doom

    There once was a Sackboy
    Who was known as a whack boy
    Though still called by all a gentlemen
    He got bored of his friends and beheaded them
    And now he's a Hungry Jack's boy

    There once was a sackboy of virtue,
    unlike your dad, he'd never hurt you.
    sent from above,
    he's stuffed full of love,
    his cuteness will surely convert you.

    Ps my dad is cool and wasn't abusive... unless it wins me the prize. If that's the case, he used to whip me to sleep with a car aerial.

    There once was a Sackboy who was stuck.
    Between a wall and a truck
    He took a deep breath.
    Then exploded to death.
    And magically he respawned unstuck.

      Hahaha, this is awesome.

    There once was a Sackboy all blue
    Who looked like he escaped from the zoo
    He dressed like a parrot
    and ate a big carrot
    And people thought it was true!

    Wow that was lame... anyway...!

    There once was a Sackboy named Fred,
    who dated a Sackgirl named Ned.
    They could not give a Jack,
    for they are both made of sack,
    So they designed a level that looks like a bed.

    There once was a Sackboy who lived in a pod,
    He lived there with sackgirl and played with her bod,
    When his sack got ripped open,
    He got dumped and heart broken,
    Never again to blow his wad.

    There once was Sackboy named Stan
    Who had some trouble being a man
    He wore a cape and high heels
    And drove a Ute with big pink wheels
    And soon Stan became a tran

    There once was a Sackboy named Con
    He once had a Solid Snake hat on
    They saw through the box
    And killed the old fox
    Now they just call him Old Don

    There once was a Sackboy from Sony,
    Whose level looked like a Pony,
    But while playing with his friends
    Two of them came to an end
    So now Mr. Sackboy is lonely

    There once was a Sackboy from Sony,
    Who wanted to ride the white pony.
    But a large skateboard,
    Was all he could afford.
    So instead he stays home and gets stoney.

    There once was a sackboy in Rome
    Who found he looked more like gnome
    To people’s gardens he’d go
    And stomp hard on their toe
    And while jumping he’d ransack their home

    There was a sackboy named Michael,
    who thought banning games was delightful,
    Until one day,
    Voters sent him away,
    By electing his political rival.

      If you do not win i will cry

      I stopped scrolling down at this point, and decided I'd not even try because, frankly, there's SO many good ones on the first page alone!
      I have no idea how you're going to actually choose a winner Mr. Wildgoose.

      yup FTW

      unfortunately his 3rd line only has 4 syllables rather than 5

    There was once a Sackboy named Bill,
    He always had the urge to kill,
    Walked upto his friend Ted,
    And ripped off his head,
    Then he told his friends to Chill

    There once was a Sackboy from Sony
    In a game that i'd love, but you know me
    I spent all of my dough
    On his competitor, Mario!
    At Least my platforming nights are less lonely

    There once was a Sackboy named Jase,
    A Sackgirl beat him in a race,
    As his anger grew,
    He held down L2,
    And smacked that b**ch in the face.

    There once was a sackboy in a game
    I’m sorry but that’s just his name
    A sackboy there was
    There was just because
    how and why might now drive you insane

    There once was a sackboy that looked shabby
    When the monks let him play with a tabby

    He pulled at a thread
    And looked downwards with dread

    As his gizzzards spilled out on the abbey

      can I make as many as I like?

      there once was a sackboy called Busey
      who ran around town with a flusey
      he had big buck teeth
      with pin eyes underneath
      and was cooler than crazy tom cruisey

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