WIN! Tekken 6 Xbox 360 Arcade Stick Edition

Want Tekken 6, but don't have an arcade stick for that authentic fighting game experience? Why not try and win one.

From Monday to Friday this week, we'll be giving away one Tekken 6 Arcade Stick Edition on Xbox 360 each day. It comes with a wireless arcade stick from stick specialists Hori, a 100-page art book and, of course, a copy of the game.

To win, you'll need to once more impress us with your literary creativity. Yes, it's haiku time again on Kotaku. We want you to write an ode to Tekken (or perhaps just fighting games in general) in haiku form. And the haiku form we're counting is three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables.

Leave your haiku in the comments below. You must leave it before midnight today to be eligible for today's draw. Check back tomorrow at 10am to see if you've won and, if you didn't, to enter tomorrow's draw with a brand new haiku.

Please note: As per usual, only one entry per day is allowed. If you leave multiple entries, only the first haiku will be considered.

UPDATE: Monday's draw is now closed! Stay tuned for Tuesday's at 10am.

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    Many new fighters!
    Who will be my next challenge?
    Oh, another Jin -_-

      Yoshimitsu his
      rising sword flash slash dice slice
      halfed you now are

    sweaty men fighting
    man in cheetah mask biting
    but girls look pretty

    It seemed I was down,
    But quarter-spin foward fierce,
    It fixed my problem.

    Select your fighter
    Lili versus Zafina
    I'm not a pervert...

    Tekken 6 we fight
    Better you use all your might
    Or prepare to loose

    Too many muscles,
    Too many skimpy outfits,
    Don't know where to look.

    Men with big eyebrows
    Fight women with ample breasts
    Loads quicker than PS3

      Poor haiku writing,
      It's 5, 7, 5, silly.
      Better luck next time

    Once you're in the air..
    You're pretty much dead from here..
    Lili's cheap backflips..

    I woke from a dream,
    Was playing Tekken with a stick
    Life sure is a bitch

    Pick me Kotaku
    I need to win Tekken stick
    Kotaku AU

    Tekken Six Is Not,
    Street Fighter codes do not work,
    Hadouken Is Out

    Man in weird cat mask
    Beats up Japanese schoolgirl
    And a kangaroo

    Round One Let Us Fight
    Yoshimitsu Will Kick Ass
    Oh No Its A Tie

    Old man Heihachi
    Just doesn't know how to die
    Forever losing

    I grew up on this,
    Amazing fighting series,
    Tekken owns my soul.

    Awesome, Tekken 6!
    Wait... this is the same old shit.
    Want it anyway.

    The sixth Iron Fist
    Players now connect through pipes
    The arcades empty

    Eddie Gordo's Kick:
    My "secret combination"
    is just me mashing

    Quarter Circle Kick
    Movement does not register
    Controller smashed

    Here is my attempt
    This one is about tekken
    Man, i hate haikus

    Correction for my Haiku:

    Quarter Circle Kick
    Movement doesn't register
    Controller smashed

    King enters the ring
    Thinks his cheetah mask fearsome
    He's just a furry

    Oh, tekken tekken,
    This is my ode to Tekken,
    Will I see you soon?

    Our snakelike movements
    Poised to strike through any jitter
    The victor hears all

    I need a joystick
    The damn gamepad made me lose
    You cheesy lucksack

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