Wireless N Network Adaptor Coming To US Xbox 360 Today

NewEgg.com, perhaps inadvertently breaking the news, is listing that a Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless N Networking Adapator will be going on sale today for $US100.

The adaptor, which shows official Microsoft packaging and uses model number PHD-00001, is said to increase the speed, range and wireless security features of the Xbox 360 Wireless adaptor.

Here are the specs: Dual Band 5GHz: 1x2 (802.11a & 802.11n) 2.4GHz: 2x2 2(Tx)x 2(Rx) 7x faster than 'G' 2x the range of 'G

With the official pictures, model number and the roll-out of more HD movies, I can't imagine this release date isn't true.

Microsoft XBOX 360 Wireless N Networking Adaptor [NewEgg, thanks S ]


    $100 USD? Lay you London to a brick that they try to charge use $250 here in Aus.

    I'm gonna ask this just to be safe: if I import one, will it work? It would not surprise me if Microsoft to try to region lock it by bundling it with a driver disk.

      best thing to hope for is a cheaper old model wireless doohicky because this one will be as stupidly expensive as the first one was.
      Mr 15 meter Cat5 has yet to fail me...

      so true.
      i doubt it would have a driver disc. the original doesnt have one.
      luckily i have my router in my ent unit so i just plug straight in.
      if you dont have that luxury keep an eye out for special on ethernet over powerline plugs. i picked up a second pack for $80 a few weeks ago. they do up to 200mb/s. you can mix and match aswell cause they're all homeplug av complaint and use the same chipset. very handy. i bought them cause i got a second ps3 for my bedroom so i can stream my media and these are great for HD movies whereas the regular wifi struggles with that over distance.

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