WoW Cosplay Goes The Extra Mile With Official Uniforms, Weapons

It's World of Warcraft's fifth birthday this week, and longtime Blizzard collaborator Sideshow Collectibles are going all out. Not with statues, either. With tabards (ie the things you wear over chainmail), giant flags, and even full-size replica weapons.

There are two tabards ($80) available, one for the Horde, one for the Alliance. They'll fit a large, brave human. There are also two flags, again, one for each faction ($40). At 7m x 5m, these are bigger than a human. And there's a lifesize replica of the Frostmourne sword as well, which is selling for $US150 (and is available only in the US, sorry).

All five items will be shipping early next year, so really, the only way they're tying in with the game's fifth birthday celebrations is that this is the week they're taking your money.


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