Xbox 360 Owners "Defecting" To PS3 For Sequels?

Multi-platform console gamers may be making the switch to the PlayStation 3 for sequels to games they may have owned on the Xbox 360, analysis from consumer research and consulting firm OTX shows.

Gamasutra's report on the OTX Gameplan Insight research shows that, for at least two titles, Xbox 360 owners are planning to invest in the PS3 versions of holiday sequels more so than the other way around. Both Assassin's Creed II and Modern Warfare 2 are seeing a shift in platform choice that favours the PS3, according to OTX.

Why defect? Gamasutra's report doesn't speculate on that, but one might assume the reasons are two-fold. In the case of Modern Warfare 2, the option to play the game's multiplayer portions without the need for an Xbox Live Gold account may be a factor.

The other may simply be the expanded PS3 console ownership following the system's recent price drop. Both titles appear to be feature equal, but the allure of buying games for the new console you just invested in, well, that might be enough to make the switch. Any other theories?

Analysis: Xbox 360 Gamers Defecting To PS3 For Holiday Sequels? [Gamasutra]


    Here's mine. The xbox360 keeps breaking and they'd like to play their game throughout the summer without waiting 2-4 weeks to send away and get the RRoD fixed.

      Blu ray drive helps

      hopefully this will cause future ports to be done properly as some (ghostbusters ) can be released extremely poor quality

      I agree with Riavan. I am on my 3rd RROD and it seems to always die day one of the holidays or when i buy a new game.

      PS3 is way more stable. At least when you turn it on you know it's going actually turn on.

        Just so people know, I'm not a ps3 fanboi, I own an xbox360 and a wii, but I am very tempted to trade that xbox in for a 360 as the new update bricked my hard drive and all my saves...

      After going through 5 RROD Xbox 360s I'll always get the PS3 version on a multiplatform title (unless there are PS3 framerate issues).

    I think it's the overall cost factor between the two consoles now. I'm selling my 360, as apart from the two additional GTA episodes, many of the big games are available on PS3 as well, and no need to buy proprietary hard drives, Blu-ray is included etc. MS need to cut the Arcade out and make the Elite $299, and make XBOX Live free, this would then put them back on a level playing ground, but as it stands now, you've lost another customer MS.

    Most games still look better on the 360 because it tends to be the lead platform for developers. I personally will be choosing the platform which plays and looks the best. I recently bought a multi platform game on 360 because screen shot comparisons looked way better on the 360 for example... One thing I do like about the PS3 slim is it has much quieter fan than the 360.

      Lately a lot of games have used the ps3 as the lead console. But MW1 looked the same on both so i expect MW2 to do the same.

    People pick a platform based on their friends list.

    If all of your friends are going to play MW2 on the PS3 then that will be you console of choice.

    hey riavan, how about you grow up and get with the times, you are brining up something that was a problem with the launch 360, a problem microsoft has dealt with, if you want to keep living in the past you are in for a sorry life little boy, and your claims of two to four weeks is bull shit as well, when mine broke several years ago I got a new replacement in less than two weeks, and since you are living in the past, heres another fact: there are many electronic repair stores that will exchange your damaged xbox for a repaired one for around 40 dollars, at least where I live. Go back and play your ps2 fanboy riavan.

      Can someone banhammer this guy?

      Also, if you don't think the 360 still has ridiculous hardware failure rates, you are deluded.


      I second the banhammer act.
      Whoever this joker is, he does not know that the failure rate for Xbox 360 models are above 50% >.>

        "riavian is a fanboy idiot" is a fanboy idiot.

      Wasn't there an article yesterday or the day before about being harsher with approving comments. Does this one raise any flags?

        The "personal insult" and "excessive stupidity" flags are at half-mast.

      I'm actually an xbox fanboi, you'll find me on the australian forums with a level 5 community rating under the gamertag of "sargath".

        Don't worry, I feel your pain. I'm on my third 360 at the moment and I'm beginning to have drive issues with this one.

      launch consoles only? bahahahaha!! my 2008 console rrod'd on me a few months ago. my main problem is that i barely used the damn thing! its probably seen ~30hrs of use since i bought it last year. whereas my ps3 i bought in 07 has seen hundreds of hours of use. so, no its not just launch consoles. its the whole lot that do it. i fixed mine up myself and after seeing the guts of a 360 it was plain obvious that the console was doomed right from the start. any 360 with an X clamp configuration WILL fail eventually. it is inevitable.

    I will continue to save or enter comps to win a ps3 because I can't justify paying for online components that Sony has for free. I bought an xbox because of its game range but as the list brings the competitors closer together then MS needs to make some decisions, do they want to be competitive or greedy, if you choose greed then you will lose the fan base. This is why as a consumer I will never understand exclusive game titles either, as a business you would thing you would want to double your market and expand your fan base for a game not halve it and stick to one platform only.

    My reason would be that online is free(when online is an issue). Plus fewer ps3 owners seem to have microphones so I don't have to listen to as many morons running their mouths off.

      you know, I thought this exact same thing until last night when playing uncharted 2 some guys started telling me to go fuck a cat and that I was a cat slut. go figure..

    I really want to get MW2 on the PS3 (was PC till IW stuffed it up) because my Live has run out and I don't want to pay for it.

    However I have at least 4 single console friends that will be getting it on 360 and 1 that will buy it on the PS3 so if I want to play with my friends I have to pay for Live.

    As the PS3 becomes more affordable, if people can justify buying both consoles the trend for online games will move to the one thats free to play online. No brainer.

    Sounds like a BS story, to be honest.

    People are really going to purchase a PS3 when they already have a 360, just to play MW2 without fees. Really? On Planet Retard maybe, where they don't teach basic math.

    I can see people buying a 360 AND a PS3. I've done that. But to migrate from one to the other? I don't think so.

    The 360 still has a massive advantage in terms of XBL (especially when it comes to parties and chat). And -- haters go home -- there's Halo, Gears, Left 4 Dead, etc.

    Halo in particular -- again, haters go home -- is a massive title for the 360. Millions of people play it every day. Those people are not leaving for KZ2 or Uncharted 2 on the PS3.

    Again, it sounds like a totally BS story.

    Walmart is selling the Arcade for $199, with a $100 voucher (!!!). Do you know how many Arcades they are going to sell this Xmas? A fricken truckoad, that's how many.

      So you've spent money on BOTH the PS3 AND the 360 for what possible reason? To get the few exclusives on each console?

      And then you chastise others from migrating from a console that they're clearly tired of breaking down and waiting for it to be repaired, to a console that offers 2-3 less features than XBL for free?

      Yeah, I think YOU'RE the who doesn't know basic math. Oh, and don't forget to write us a postcard from... where was it that you said? Planet Retard?

    With the PS3 becoming much cheaper, how long will the 360 remain the lead format? Will developers want to keep using the 360, now the price has dropped on the PS3, will it become their main market. As we all know Wii sales are slowly, and I think it's running out of life. Wii 2 could be different though, and didn't Steve Ballmer state there is a new XBOX coming next year?, will it have Blu-ray?, anyway, I think the consoles will drop in price again next year, but as it stands, the next 12 months are going to be very interesting for developers.

    I have all of them so I dont need to worry. I wouldnt play MW2 on a console anyway... But think... if XBox has better quality (made) games be it third party and/or first and Playstation only really has good quality (made) first party games... they must be bloody good...if only those quality first party games sell the system.

    LOL @ reasons for MW2. Yeah cause all these people are gonna migrate to PS3 to play for free even though they have better chance of having a better experience on the 360. LOL

    And only idiots would think... "Oh since the PS3 is selling better i should buy this game on this console instead!" Especially for a title like AC2 when its an OFFLINE game anyway. It wouldn't matter WHICH console you played it on. How would affect you - you buy it for the console you prefer. Me the 360 cause of the controller, i prefer playing with the positions of the analog sticks.

    Stupid report by Gameswhatever!

      god, you're an idiot.

      "Why defect? Gamasutra’s report doesn’t speculate on that"

      they're just reporting on some market study.

      "better chance of having a better experience"
      lol, stop being a M$ pawn.

      Calm the frick down you xbox fanboy. Did you only glance at the article header or read a few lines? It said "in the case of [MW2]" not referring to both AC2 and MW2.

      "Yeah cause all these people are gonna migrate to PS3 to play for free even though they have better chance of having a better experience on the 360. LOL"

      Who says they're going to have a better experience? You? LOL. Please. If i didn't prefer the xbox's analogue sticks and the controller setup, I'd definitely play it on ps3. Beats having to mute everyone and being called a gay faggot noob every match i play. But hey, whatever if your definition of a "better experience" is listening to a bunch of pre-pubescent teens and middle age guys who take the game way too seriously calling you a faggot noob, then good for you.

        @Prof. Ake: Being called a "gay faggot noob" is not a phenomenon exclusive to the 360. I've been called that, and much worse things on the PSN. It's really going to emerge wherever pre-pubescent kids are in (mostly) anonymous competition.

    consumers are all idiots and will continue to be forever. americans also need to know that xbox live isnt equal worldwide. lots of features arent included in other countries due to censoring and basically idiots in charge of content.

    xbox live is so overrated. its a piece of shit here in australia and thats why there's a rewards program trial because they think they can no longer get away with their crap and need something new and shiny to keep their consumers quiet and keep paying.

    the other thing with ps3 game is that they dont need to be multi disk. it all fits on one bluray disk. i hate the rpgs on xbox they mostly need 3-4 disks and that just sucks because they dont give you a decent dvd case to hold them in. the dvds get stacked and i dont want that shit.

    Where the hell do you guys get your sources from?

    1 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 X360 627,567
    2 Halo 3: ODST X360 605,850
    3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PS3 196,541

    The only "defection" here is with the writers of Slotaku, unless this is just more stupid Sony PR spin.

      Not really sure how some preorder stats from a notoriously inaccurate website add any weight to your argument.

        You'd trust an out-of-touch marketing analyst guessing percentages over a holiday season rather than the actual hard numbers? Your choice I suppose.

        But in all honesty here, who the hell would switch systems on a multi-platform SINGLE PLAYER game when both versions are a carbon copy of each other?

          VGChartz being described as "actual hard numbers" makes me laugh. And when did I say I was trusting any figures?

    Wait, that list was outdated, here are the updated figures:

    1 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 X360 1,714,204 100,759 2
    2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PS3 650,396 52,920 2

    Still don't see any "defection".

    I'm getting it on PS3 personally... I'm not gonna pay $90 a year just to play online for one, and I personally dont want my 360 dying the day I buy it. I only buy exclusives on the 360 these days... GTA Episodes from Liberty City, Gears, stuff like that. All multi-platform games I get on PS3 cause its better.

      here here, 360 plays the exclusives ... ps3 everything else ...
      i bought left 4 dead, using my trial LIVE gold membership to play a few online games .... worst multiplayer lagfest ever! ... kept putting me in american servers EVERYTIME ... LIVE in Australia is broken ... meanwhile COD4 on ps3 can ALWAYS get an aussie server!

        yeh, is there any truth to this? while playing uncharted 2 I noticed that I was gaming with either Australians or Asians (could be chinese, singapore, malay i have no idea).
        This is great cause there was pretty much no lag and it's fun to play with all of god's children.

    I've made the choice easy for me: I got them all. This is the first console generation where I can afford all the game systems available. I prefer my PS3, but I use them all.

    What is this "defecting" garbasge?

    "OTX data shows that 15 percent of those who plan to buy the PS3 version of Assassin's Creed 2 own the Xbox 360 version of the original, while only 7 percent of those who plan to buy the Xbox 360 version own the original game on PS3"

    What, so twice as many Xbox 360 owners are planning to 'defect' than PS3 owners?

    How the hell do you deduce that people are defecting platforms by Gamasutra's misleading report?

    This is nothing more than people purchasing another console and wanting a decent title to play it on. More Xbox owners are purchasing a PS3 because of the price drop, like i did, but what the hell am i going to play on it.. one of the 2 big blockbusters out this summer, thats what!

    I reckon most of the defecting would also be the cause of some XBOX 360 owners being banned(maybe the 2nd time). So instead of getting a new box, just move on to PS3. Since there is a great price drop. (sticking to originals?) Better Graphics on PS3 for future games?

    Sure is fanboy in here.

      ..a rank stench of fanboy

      it's the smell, isn't it.

    MW2 - Free Multiplayer
    AC2 - Combine with PSP = more weapons

    Now cheaper then before and much more stable

    (staying with my 360 though cause of those damn achievements)

    Geez can some people read the article more closely

    The article just says that SOME people are switching, note some and not everyone...and most of all not YOU. Seriously all these people going "no way I don't think XBOX sucks I wouldn't switch, the article can't be right", well good for must just fall into the other 85% of people who don't want to switch? Duh?

    If you like XBOX live then be happy, but MW2 is basically about being online and why would you want to pay when you could be playing MW2 online for years for free on PS3? I still play COD4 online and its been 2 years.

    Plus quite a few people I know got their PS3's for free in deals that Sony runs with their Bravia TVs. Never see stuff like that for XBOX.

    i gotta agree though the 360 is way louder, hopefully MS will fix that with a new slim 360

    Not blummin' likely... While I think the PS3 has better hardware, and happily better graphics when it comes to exclusives... Most of the games I've played on 360, I'm gonna stick to playing on 360. Most of the times when I've chosen to buy a game on PS3 over the 360 version, I've been pretty disappointed... e.g. Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 stick out, because they just weren't as good as they were on 360... but at the same time, not having to cross my fingers every time I turn the PS3 on is absolutely an advantage. In the time that I've has my PS3, I've had two 360's die on me... but when it comes to the online features in games like MW2... there wasn't a question in my mind what platform I'd be buying it on. Treesiddy all the way... the online community is bigger, better integrated with the party system and generally a lot less laggy.

      Gotta agree here.

      Better online integration, Achievements and a pre-existing group of CoD playing friends are the three reasons I'll be on XBL on launch day.

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