Xbox 360 Passes 10 Million Sold In PAL Territories

Microsoft announced earlier today that the Xbox 360 has passed the 10 million–sold mark in the EMEA region, which includes Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

In other words, it's the PAL market, sans Australasia (which would contribute another 700,000 or so).

To go with the statement, Microsoft provided some statistics, some old (20 million Xbox Live users), some boring (60 per cent of Xbox 360s are used in the living room!) and some actually interesting (35 per cent of Xbox 360 customers are apparently women).


    Perhaps a lot of woman are parents who are activating their Xbox or whatever that thing is they advise you to do. Cause their kids are underage and they make their mums do it so they can access content for over 18s.

    Just a thought. But good to know i suppose?

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