Xbox Live Ops Manager Ain't Going For This Facebook/Games Thing

In the latest thrilling episode of Major Nelson's podcast, the gang raps about the DSi XL and its virtues and drawbacks, and regular guest "e" (Eric Neustadter, the Xbox Live operations manager) says this whole gaming/Facebook synergy? Not diggin' it.

"I find the in-game uses, OK, may be interesting, the out-of-game, hey, it's a camera, use it to connect to Facebook or whatever - I don't find that at all interesting," says Neustadter. "Don't we all have phones that do that? Why do we need our gaming device to do that?"

Yeah. Good question. Why would anyone integrate Facebook with a gaming platform, anyway?

To be fair, maybe Neustadter meant just a gaming handhheld, not a console. To be more fair, hey, at least he's being an honest gamer. And earlier, Neustadter and security boss Stephen Toulouse said they were gaming more on their phones than their DSi, which is where one might also be more likely to use a Facebook mobile app.

But I think I did detect a semipregnant pause from The Major after e piped up (31:30 of the podcast). Like "Oh man, someone's gonna stick this on a blog." And, I guess someone just did. Show #337: DJ Hero, MUA2, Lego Rock Band and MW2 [Major Nelson, thanks elektrixxx]


    I'd like it if I could put my Forza 3 pictures straight onto facebook... at the moment the My Forza page is like, in testing or something, so I can't even share pictures I've taken in the game. Bleh.

    I think it's a great idea, saves swapping between laptop and 360 all the time

    Why not just build a console which includes a built in web browser to access all these sites if you want... oh wait... doesn't the PS3 and Wii do this already?....

      oh puhhlleease don't put a web browser in the 360! Have fun browsing the web on your PS3/Wii, and what a fantastic experience it is too! LOL!!

    trust me guys, its terrible! whenever someone posts a link on either fb or twitter you need to go back to a computer anyway. with twitter it will only display the last 50 tweets. so if you are following a few people youre gonna miss a whole lotta stuff. dont even get me started on the way they've setup zune!! :/

    Even if he did just mean that it's stupid to include it on handheld gaming consoles, wouldn't that be better than having it on a home console setup? I mean it's not like people are going to go "I want to check my facebook and twitter, screw my computer, I'M TURNING ON MY 360 FOR ACCESS TO THOSE SERVICES AT A SUB-PAR LEVEL!!!" Where as handhelds that feature these services allows you to access facebook on the go, out and about, where you wouldn't normally have access to a computer. It's bloody stupid. Oh and of course he says he uses his phone more to game, what he's going to say, he plays his DS and PSP regularly? What a joke.

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